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Genos Registrations

Started by jvds66, January 10, 2023, 05:34:57 AM

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ludo willems

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Organplayer Montage

I have test the registraties on my Genos and i must say wow the are really great and usebul

I must thank you for al those files very usebul and perfect make and so much songs in this packs

If you use those files you will see  and hear how beautiful the Genos is

Top thanks again

A must have for all Genos players/owners

But before you load the files in your Genos  , make the big file in smaller files because the Genos needs a longer time to load all the files,  it is better to make much more direcktories so that the Genos not take a longer time to load the files  , if you not do it The genos take  much time to load all the files and when Genos load the files you can not play the keyboard

I place all files in alfabetisch other A-B-C enz  and put all the songs in, so it is easy to find back
And also the leter T there are 1800 files in but all with the beginletter T  also those files you must plays in alfabetisch other only with the letter T in the begin

If you do this Genos will read the files much quiker but if you not do it he need a long time to load the files

I have play this morning wit many Registrations  and i must say the really sound great with the notation yes super

download (3).jpg
Yamaha Genos 2    Korg Micro x  Yamaha Reface YC Dwarbar Organ

Organplayer Montage

I play so many songs with the files and wow the most i like to play with the are really great to play with i have test really a lot of song and it sound great also the OTS is really great sounds are really good chosen

Really a must have for every Genos player

Again i say this is top i love it and i have test many many song it is great to play with

I never know that that this is possibbe with registartions but i like it a lot

Thanks again 

I can use those registrations in my song sets it will sound great


Yamaha Genos 2    Korg Micro x  Yamaha Reface YC Dwarbar Organ