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Franco Bastelli - Bugiardo Amore



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Franco Bastelli (Bologna, 19 May 1940 [1]) is an Italian singer.

Known in the dance hall environment as "the king of dance music".

He was born in Bologna, then moved to Piacenza where he began his musical career. He is hired to bring the classics of Italian "bel canto" to the cruise ships, so he often performs in North America and his songs are also broadcast by Italian-American radios.

Back home he performed for a long time in Italian clubs with the group "Franco and the Misters". His first pieces are born: My guitar, Menestrello vagabondo, Desiderio and Suona chitarra, the latter written by Al Rangone and interpreted, among others, by Nilla Pizzi too. Precisely with this piece begins its success. Then, he founded a smooth orchestra, which bears his name, with which he begins to affect many songs, some of which will become highly sought after and reinterpreted by other musical formations of the sector. Among these we mention Menestrello in love, Acqua viva, One hundred of these days, White crystals serene, written and interpreted by Don Backy, Liar love, Rosalina, Made in Italy, Me miss you, A man in love, played with Angelo Zibetti of Radio Zeta, Wandering lover, Love ... but then, Paloma d'Espana, Bella la vita, Hate and love, Luna Park and Mare sincere. Moreover, he continues to propose the classics of Italian melody, first of all the strong pieces of Claudio Villa, such as Il tuo mondo, Granada and A so great love. His latest recording, to date, corresponds to the passage Sguardi proibiti.

Over the years he participates in various radio and television broadcasts on various private broadcasters in the north of Italy, but also on some national network programs, such as La vita in diretta, conducted by Michele Cucuzza on Rai 1, and Ballo, love and fantasy , conducted by Emanuela Folliero on Rete 4.

During his career he won two gold and one platinum records and, in January 1996, he won the Festival of Italian Orchestras with the song Ballata.

In 2014 Land Rover chose its famous interpretation of the song Your world as a musical background for the advertising of the "Range Rover Evoque


Due Parole - Franco Bastelli

Two words is taken from the album Thank America (Thank You America)