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Johnny Dorelli, stage name of George Domenico Guidi (Meda, February 20, 1937), is a singer and showman, film and theater actor, radio host and Italian television.

Johnny Dorelli has participated in nine editions of the Sanremo Festival (1958, 1959, 1960, 1962, 1963, 1967, 1968, 1969 and 2007) coming eight times in the final. Dorelli is, along with Modugno, Nilla Pizzi and Nicola Di Bari, the only one to have won two consecutive Festival. Debuted at the Sanremo Festival in 1958 in tandem with Domenico Modugno In the blue painted blue, which unexpectedly won first prize. The couple comes back the next year with rains, getting a new victory. Although much of the artistic and the commercial success of the two songs about inevitably goes in Modugno (who is also author), Dorelli can not be crushed by the exuberance of the Apulian singer-songwriter and to carve a slice of his admirers.

Johnny Dorelli together with Gino Paoli and Riccardo Del Turkish
Thus it begins to enter the fixed cast of some television broadcasts, the first of which is a nice holiday with Quartetto Cetra and the orchestra of Gorni Kramer, which is aired in the summer of 1959 and 1960, and has the merit of making known to the public the great American jazz classics and standards, through the Dorelli voices and other young talents such as Betty Curtis (his record stable companion), Jula de Palma, Wilma de Angelis and Gino Corcelli.

These are the years of My Funny Valentine, Boccuccia rose, Julia, Love in Portofino, Wonderful lips, Letter to Pinocchio (the latter is the first edition of the Zecchino d'Oro), all successes came in the standings.

Johnny Dorelli and Mina during transmission Johnny 7 (1964)
A great springboard for these tracks is represented by carousels that Johnny Dorelli runs for Galbani with the slogan "Galbani means confidence." Other incisions (CGD) to be mentioned are the two LP 30 years of love songs (1964) and A Sentimental Journey (1965), the latter kind of imaginary journey with songs dedicated to various cities (between songs: Florence dreams, Rome by night, Nustalgia de Milan, ancient Lisbon, A foggy day (in London town) and Vienna).

From 1963 onwards he leads successful television shows (7 Johnny, Johnny Evening, If I raccontassi) that gives evidence of his skills as a brilliant actor starring in numerous sketches alongside famous actresses and creating the character of Dorellik, which will refer Arnoldo Mondadori Editore to create the character of Phantom Duck [1], the figure caricature of clumsy thief and unfortunate inspired by the comic Diabolik.
In these shows has the opportunity to launch new reasons, some of which will be used as theme songs, such as Twist so-so, was September, The appointment, probably, Su girl hush, in the dark I'm dreaming and Arriva La Bomba.


L'immensità - Johnny Dorelli

The immensity is an Italian song written by Don Backy, Mogol, presented by Don Backy and Johnny Dorelli where he at the Sanremo Festival in 1967, got the 9th position. Soon it became their biggest commercial success and still remains their best known song.

Don Backy inserted the song as side A of the 45 The immensity / Do not cry tonight, while Johnny Dorelli was the A side of the immensity / Only myself.


Una serata insieme a Te -  Johnny Dorelli e Catherine Spaak

Italian version of another success of the group, Where are you going to, my love ?, dated 1970, and resumed later by prominent artists such as Olivia Newton-John, the Miracles and the Osmonds.
An evening with you is the theme song of Great Variety radio edition, and this contributes to the success in the ranking of the 45; But let's not forget that the couple at this time (1973) is a regular guest of the gossip columns.