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MontserratE José Feliciano García (Lares, September 10, 1945) is a singer, guitarist and composer Puerto Rican.

José Feliciano became famous in Italy thanks to its participation in the Sanremo Festival in 1971 with What will. Famous for her cover of Light My Fire, Suzie Q and California Dreamin, as well as her hit Christmas Feliz Navidad. Hit among the minors in Italy there was also Angela 1976 (reinterpreted also in Mina Live '78 and Fausto Papetti), as well as Rain (reinterpreted by Patty Pravo with the title In the garden of love, in 1969). 5 times winner of the award for Best Pop Guitarist of America and at the same time awarded the charts of Jazz, Classical and Rock, also won 8 Grammy Awards with 20 nominations in 40-year career.

José Feliciano was born blind (due to a congenital glaucoma) Lares, with 10 siblings in a poor family. At the age of five years he emigrated to New York, where it grew and formed musically. Even at this age he accompanied on accordion - and acted as percussionist on crackers in metal boxes - the musician uncle in the street shows in Latin American bolero. At 9 years came into possession of his first guitar: so began studying the instrument by himself, listening to the few records he had, and that svariavano from Segovia to Jazz guitarists like Wes Montgomery, reaching also play up to 14 hours a day. He entered as a guitar school and classical music and became an excellent guitarist and multi-instrumentalist (he plays more than 30 instruments): his goal was to become a classical guitarist and jazz, dream he had pursued since a kid but the need to bring money to home led him to play and sing in clubs in New York. So it was that by listening to the music of Ray Charles, Sam Cooke, Elvis and other American artists of the 50's, then began to sing and play in pubs in Greenwich Village in New York, emerging at the same time that exploded on the music scene so many folk artists then become famous, Bob Dylan (who often followed him in the evenings, performing one after the other) to Joan Baez. Became one of the most popular attractions in the local area, the newspapers began to speak of a great talent, but even more enthusiastically spoke of his guitar.


Che Sara' - Josè Feliciano

In 1987. Commissioned by the Italian RCA to participate in Sanremo in 1971 with a song written by his friend Jimmy Fontana, Feliciano goes back to the limelight with the success What will be, song that topped the charts Italian, European, Japanese, and reiterated the his success in the Spanish, Qué Será, and English, Shake A Hand. Feliciano sang in "combined" with the rich and poor but it was his version of the most acclaimed by audiences of Casino Sanremo Festival Hall that at the end of execution claims, with its uninterrupted ovation, the singer, despite the Regulation of race tacitly prohibiting him, reappeared in the limelight to receive still clapping. In Italy, the song not only became a hit single, but brought in the top10 album-collection What will be, but especially Fireworks, 1970, and Live Volume 1 and Volume 2 Live, which re-entered the top20.


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