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Fiorella Mannoia (Rome, April 4, 1954) is an Italian singer.

He began his career in 1968, distinguishing himself in the Italian music scene for his unique vocal timbre and the interpretations of pieces by other artists. He trod the stage of the Sanremo Festival four times managing to win twice the Critics' Prize. It is the third artist with the most number of awards from the Club Tenco, with six plates Tenco under his belt, tied with Ivano Fossati, making it the female singer with the most number of awards won in this event. On 2 June 2005 he was appointed Officer of the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic by the President of the Republic Carlo Azeglio Ciampi.

In addition to singing career, also he had several experiences in recitative level.

Daughter of the Sicilian Luigi Mannoia stuntman, begins with his brother Maurizio and sister Patrizia Stella in the same business of his father, working in the film business as a stunt double for stuntgirl and Lucia Mannucci not sing in the film, shooting of 1968 directed by Daniele D ' Anza [1]; is also often stand to Monica Vitti [2] and Candice Bergen in The day of long guns (The Hunting Party).

The stunt Lucia Mannucci, Fiorella Mannoia, photographed during the filming not sing, shoot
In the early seventies states with minor roles in some spaghetti western: in 1972 appears in A colt in hand to hell, while in 1973 and the third day came the crow and you bounty killers for a massacre.

He made his debut in the music world at the Castrocaro Festival in 1968, singing A child on Adriano Celentano lion does not win, but it gets a recording contract with Carisch, which makes an impact in two years the first 45 laps. The 45 debut of Mannoia is I heard you were leaving / Cherries in 1968, followed a year later two other 45s: people qua people there / Eye to eye, and I like that guy there / Eye to eye. With the song People here people there participates in a disc for the summer 1969 without reaching the final.


Le notti di maggio - Fiorella Mannoia

In 1988 takes part in the Festival of Sanremo with the nights of May, piece by Ivano Fossati which ranks 10th place by winning for the second consecutive year, the Critics' Prize.


Il cielo d'Irlanda -  Fiorella Mannoia

Irish sky is a single Fiorella Mannoia 1992, from the album The steam trains. The single is also marketed in the Netherlands in two versions: in the mix version 12 "(maxi single cd), and in that single cd.


Sally - Fiorella Mannoia

In 1999, Fiorella Mannoia has made a cover, extracted as a single from the album Some small items of Fiorella Mannoia in 1999. There is also a duet version with Vasco Rossi.


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