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Rita Pavone

Started by Geno, January 18, 2017, 05:10:21 AM

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Rita Pavone (Turin, August 23, 1945) is a singer, actress and showgirl Italian naturalized Swiss.

Pel was nicknamed carrot because of the red color of her hair. He published his records all over the world and recording in seven languages, and is one of the five Italian singers - the other four are Gigliola Cinquetti, Sabrina Salerno [6], Raffaella Carra and Ivana Spain [8] - to be entered into ranking in Britain.

Rita was born and lived his early years in Via Malta, 43, in Borgo San Paolo di Torino. The family was originally composed by his father John Peacock, a worker Fiat Mirafiori of Sicilian origin (Asti, 1912 - Turin, March 20, 1990) mother Maria, housewife Ferrara origins, and the brothers Piero, Carlo and Cicco.
Rita, third child of the four, he enrolled in the ninth grade of Santorre Santorosa but, in the winter of 1959-60, the family moved to the FIAT workers houses of Via Chiala, 19, to the "Low" Mirafiori South, in an apartment three rooms, bathroom and kitchen.
In the same period, he supported and encouraged from his father Giovanni, his debut at the Teatro Alfieri of Turin in a show for kids entitled Telefoniade, and realized by the then national telephone company Stipel. That's the first time that Rita performs in front of a real audience and not composed of relatives and family members, and does so in two outputs: the first time, made up of little black girl and wearing a black satin tuxedo in the interpretation of Swanee, song He made famous by the great American singer Al Jolson; Then, in the second half, in the shoes of an English girl visiting the Eternal City by singing the song of Renato Rascel, Arrivederci Roma. Between the end of 1959 and beginning of 1961 stands out before performing in student parties, then in some Turin premises such as "Apollo Dances", "La Serenella", "La Perla", l ' "Hollywood Dance" or "Prince", earning the nickname "Paul Anka in a skirt" thanks to the choice of a repertoire that favored their own songs of the famous Canadian singer.
However, the life in Turin, is very intense: the young Rita must economically help the family with odd jobs at a shirts and, in order to obtain a diploma, also enrolled in the Istituto Tecnico Commerciale Holidays courses; inhuman working hours, however, not allow to continue their studies. Artistic talent however, it will make it famous to the point of participating in the first edition of the Festival of unknown Ariccia (Rome) in 1962. The patron of the event of the Festival is the singer Teddy Reno, who immediately becomes his mentor. Six years later, the two will get married in Switzerland, after a series of controversies because of the considerable age difference between the two, and especially the fact that at the time Teddy Reno was already married civilly and had a son from the first wife Vania Protti. With Teddy, Rita has two children, Alexander (1969) and George (1974). Together, they will reside in Switzerland since 1968.
That win at Ariccia in 1962 the procure an audition with the Italian RCA, winning with Moliendo Café and other songs of Mina repertoire, and immediately get a record deal, that will consecrate to the general public in the following years.

Dazzling was the popularity of Rita Pavone internationally. There may be reason to call it the forerunner of a road traveled by many today our Italian artists, Pausini head. Many are labels for which Rita affects: Decca in the UK; Teldec and Polydor in Germany; Barclay, RCA and Phonogram in France and finally, RCA Victor for the United States, Japan and throughout South America. In the United States was five times host of the show Ed Sullivan Show (CBS), broadcast live from coast to coast. In a Rita Pavone episode will appear on the billboard as the third name after Duke Ellington and Ella Fitzgerald. Follow other television shows like Hullabaloo and Shindig who see it acting on stage with legendary names of world shows such as The Beach Boys, Marianne Faithfull, Orson Welles, The Animals and The Supremes'.


Dove non sò - Rita Pavone

Rita Pavone - Where I do not know (Lara's Theme) (1967) Dr. Zhivago


Il Geghegè - Rita Pavone

The Geghegè, another symbol of the five episodes that saw her starring in Studio One 1966


Il Ballo del Mattone - Rita Pavone

The dance of the brick, that the June 8, 1963 arrives before staying there for three weeks


Arrivederci Hans,
Das war der schцnste Tanz.
Das Licht geht aus I'm Lokal,
Nun kьЯ mich noch mal,
Bevor wir nach Hause geh? 'n.
Arrivederci Hans,
Das war der letzte Tanz.
Es wird bald wieder so sein,
VergiЯ mich nicht ganz,
Oh, arrivederci Hans.
Er kam aus der Ferne I'm Norden,
Und sie war zu Hause am Meer.
Sie waren Verliebte geworden,
Da fiel ihr der Abschied so schwer.
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