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Fabio Concato, stage name of Fabio Piccaluga (Milan, 31 May 1953), is an Italian singer-songwriter.

The father is Luigi Piccaluga, guitarist and author best known jazz as Gigi Concato [3], in turn son of opera singers Nino Piccaluga and Augusta Concato; as the parent, therefore, is the name of the latter that Fabio draws the pseudonym. The mother is rather a journalist and poet.

He took his first steps in the music world in 1974 when together with friends Graceffa Bruno and Giorgio Porcaro form the cabaret group "The muttering," in which Fabio writes lyrics and music and began performing in local famous Milan Derby. It is discovered by Walter Guertler, who signs a contract for the Harmony, label S.A.A.R. group, and so affect the 1977 album Stories always containing the single A Dean Martin (which gets a good radio hit and sales).

In 1978 he took part of the choruses incision in 45s UFO Robot / Shooting Star, respectively opening and ending of the first television series mecha arrived in Italy, Atlas UFO Robot [6], and the other songs on the LP of the same name of the series, published by Fonit Cetra, in fact it is the solo performer and author of Rigel Procton song, sung by Michel alias Alberto Tadini Tadini, former soloist of Gens.

After one more album for Harmony, Big Sales total in 1978, switches to Philips, and so affect in 1979 Uncle Tom, whose title track will then resumed in 1990 also by Mina for the disk I know you mask.


Domenica Bestiale - Fabio Concato


Three years pass before Fabio back on the market, but this time with success. The self-titled 1982 album marks the first real popular response to Concato, driven by the single bestial Sunday, participating in the Festivalbar of that summer; while not entering the charts soon become the classic par excellence of the Milanese singer. The song is by the way part of the soundtrack of the film by Marco Risi I'm going to live alone, with Jerry Cala protagonist.





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