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Rino Gaetano, born Salvatore Antonio Gaetano (Crotone, October 29, 1950 - Rome, June 2, 1981) was an Italian singer, remembered for his rough voice, the irony and the characteristic nonsense of his songs, as well as for the social protest often hidden behind seemingly light texts and disengaged.

Remained deeply attached to his Calabrian origin, he refused any kind of label and, unlike many of his contemporaries, he avoided taking sides politically. Despite this, his compositions do not lack references and criticisms of the Italian political class Gaetano came in some of his songs to do first and last names of the politicians of the time and not only and, for this reason, his lyrics and his performances from vivo were repeatedly marked by censorship.

Crossroads of his career was the Sanremo experience with the success of Gianna; for a long time in fact, much of the Italian public has reminded just for this incident and for this song. His previous work was almost eclipsed by the new success and what he came to the general public of his songs - primarily Gianna - was above all the nonsense and not all that lay behind it. Tragic and untimely his death: a car accident took him away just thirty years.

The Gaetano work began to be significantly appreciated several years after his death, and many of his songs were rediscovered especially after 2000, becoming the connection, particularly among the new generations, and giving the now deceased singer status cult artist.

1974 was certainly a very important year for Gaetano: he wrote the lyrics of her first album, Free admission, then released in November of the same year, and met Bruno Franceschelli, with whom was born after an intense friendship. Bruno remembers their first meeting:

"It was the beginning of the seventies, when in a bar in Montesacro, our neighborhood, and I Rino we met for the first time. In that bar I 'was playing checkers, "while Rino" drank light beer in a can ", that bar was called the Baron. I might call this meeting of two like finding yourself that you are trying for a long time. "
Gaetano described the atmosphere of the bar mentioned by Franceschelli in the song You, perhaps not essentially you. At the moment the incision of the disc, however, the singer still showed some concerns as to get to propose another singer for their own texts; Micocci however persuaded Gaetano to sing.

The album cover depicts the singer, in an image deliberately blurred, while walking in front of a brick wall of his first house in Rome and on a door hangs a sign "Free admission". The title alludes to the entrance of Gaetano in the music world. The album proved popular not large, while 45 laps from the album You, perhaps not essentially you / Your eyes are full of salt had better luck, capturing mainly the attention of Renzo Arbore and Gianni Boncompagni, who inserted multiple times two songs in the set of their radio show Alto liking. Over the first 45 laps, the songs on this new album showed a greater social commitment and embraced issues such as marginalization and industrial alienation.

Gaetano, in the same year, through the RCA, he wrote three songs for Nicola Di Bari: Try to call me love, this love so great and for example I like ... the South, including in the album makes you beautiful love. None of the three songs had much luck. For example the song I like ... the South participated that year in Canzonissima but was eliminated in the early stages, unlike the Spanish version Por ejemplo got a great response in Latin America.

The breakthrough came the following year with the 45 But the sky is always blue. It was actually a 45s rather unusual: it contained only one song in two parts. Gaetano in this song suggested several slices of daily life, describing them with irony, clich├ęs and contradictions. In September 1975 the singer explained in an article by Hello 2001:


Gianna Gianna - Rino Gaetano


With the execution of Gianna, for the first time in Sanremo was pronounced the word 'sex', present in the lyrics. The Pandemonium came unexpectedly on stage towards the end of the performance to sing the final chorus of the song, mo 'umoristico.Gaetano sketch described his performance on the stage of the Ariston:


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