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Renato Zero

Started by Geno, February 07, 2017, 05:09:39 AM

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Renato Zero, stage name of Renato Fiacchini (Rome, 30 September 1950), is a songwriter, entertainer, dancer and record producer Italian.

Renato Zero's signature
Considered a true "cantattore" and chansonnier from the great histrionic ability, provocative and trascinatorie, [2] in the course of his long career he has published 38 albums, 28 of which are in the studio, live 7, and 3 officers collected; he also wrote a total of more than five hundred songs (many of which today are unpublished), addressing the broad range of fields, as well as numerous texts and music for other performers. It is one of the most beloved Italian singer-songwriters, popular and most successful. With more than 45 million records sold it is one of the leading Italian artists who have sold the most records and it is his record of being the very first and only one to have reached the top spot in the official sales charts Italian in five decades consecutive.

But the atmosphere of the late sixties, which is imperceptibly shifting from naive phase of the beat to politics, Renato is still searching for an identity. It will be in the early seventies, with the complete development of the glam-rock, characterized by powder and sequins, which will propose without problems his character. This provocative and alternative character will be told in songs like "I sell" and Zerofobia entire albums, from "To die here" to "The trap", from "Ambulance" the song-emblem of zeriana philosophy, "Heaven" .

On the record, there is also a cover in Italian, of "Dreamer," Supertramp, here become "Slut". The next period (Zerolandia, the promised land of love and friendship, without sexual distinctions) are attributed pieces like "Triangle", "poste restante" and all too explicit "Sbattiamoci", that blend and complement with heartfelt messages anti-abortion, already present in the first album ( "Dreams in the dark"), as well as anti-drugs ( "your idea", entirely written by Renato, words and music, "do not pass", "no man" and "L ' white other ") and against the too easy sex (" Sex and them "). In the most recent compositions by the artist, and for example in the album The Gift alternate social issues ( "Are you all right there," "Radio or radio", "From the sea") and spiritual-existential ( "Immi ruah", " life is a "gift).

The singer's fans are called "sorcini", by replacing the definition given at the beginning of zerofolli career. The term was born in the early eighties, in Viareggio, when, watching the fans around him with motorcycles, he said, "They look like so many rats," [14]. Since then, by analogy, it has become "the king of sorcini". Many songs are dedicated to them. In 1981, to his fans, the artist dedicated the song "Children of the field-mouse", located inside the Arctic and Antarctica the following year, he organized the "Sorciadi" at the Eucalyptus Stadium in Rome, attending personally the awards of winners. Even in the album captures the singer dedicated a song to her fans: With open arms.

In 1980 he produces and publishes Truce, dedicated to the father Domenico, who died the same year. The 45s containing Friend / Love you, no love comes immediately to the top of the table, where he remained for ten weeks, together with the album. In 1981, in March, he published the double live Icarus, containing two new songs, "More or less" and "More on", in addition to his most successful songs, performed live. It is an unprecedented success for a "live" album, which comes in first place in the standings.

In summer, without warning, Renato public a 45 with a new song, "Jailbird was the boat" and on the other side, the now famous "More on". Immediately after the summer, the artist gathers his staff (Conrado, Evangelists, Baldan Bembo and Pintucci) and prepares the new album. His intention is to represent the opposites: black and white, good and evil, the South Pole and the North Pole. Between October and November Renato enters the recording studio and on December 1, has one of the best discs of its entire production: Arctic Antarctica, thanks to which will win the prize for the best-selling album of the year (one million copies sold ). The album contains songs still considered the cornerstones of its production, such as "And I will follow you", "Sidewalks," "It will not be", "Sterile", "Our Father", "The joker", "People", " Foreigners".

In 1982 he participated as a regular guest with its own space in the program "Fantastico 3", where it will present historical pieces from his repertoire, interspersed with other new business, collecting the double album "Via Tagliamento 1965/1970". The album is a tribute to the period of the Piper and gets straight to the top of the table where he remained for eight consecutive weeks. The new album was presented just at the Piper Club and were invited era goers. The most representative songs of that magical period are:


Il Triangolo - Renato Zero

Triangle is one of the most famous songs of the Italian singer-songwriter. The song owes its fame to the large presence of ambiguous phrases, not new in the artist's texts, and the transgression of the text. The first radio broadcast of the song dates back to October 10, 1978. The song remained on the charts for a total of 13 weeks, until January 6, 1979. The song, written by Renato Zero for text and Renato Zero-Mario Vicari for music, it is It characterized by a danceable rhythm and pop feature of the period music.

The text tells of a man who accepts an invitation to the house by a woman. Man imagines that the evening will end with a nice loving relationship between the two ( "... the pretext know: four discs and a bit 'of whiskey ..."). However, the woman's home is also another man. At first, the protagonist shows scandalized by the indecent proposal of the experience of sexual triangle ( "Now tell me, come on! / I will have to adopt the attitude that ... / while I risk it, / to see me in the dark in his arms he ... / ... it is not my type !! "), while on the end of the song proves possibilist (" ..this could see ... you could invent ... you could steal ... ") and ends up admitting "The triangle I would do it again ... / Why not? I'd do it. "

The single has been a good sales success, reaching the second place in the Italian standings and finishing in tenth place at the end of the annual individual ranking.


Amico - Renato Zero

Amico is not a single published in 1980 by Renato Zero Zerolandia format 7 "Respite from the album.

The disc was one of the most sold and listened to the singer, since its release (23 August 1980), maintained for 18 consecutive weeks (until 20 December 1980) the presence in the top ten, also coming in first place.

Friend was written by Renato Zero and Franca Evangelisti for text and Dario Baldan Bembo for music. After 36 years, in 2016, the song was included among the 10 best of the century in the encyclopedic collection of Donde '.


Piu' su - Renato Zero

"Più su" coming out in a sort of single double-A side, with the other song, recorded in the studio and not contained in the double live album, consists From the exhilarating "Jailbird was the boat". Recovery also retinue from Mina, in tribute dedicated to Renato, entitled N ° 0, "Jailbird was the boat" in fact it appears on the B-side of the 45, while receiving, at the promotional level, the same track treatment on the side A the single


I migliori anni della nostra vita - Renato Zero

The best years of our life is a song written by Maurizio Fabrizio and Guido Morra and sung by Renato Zero in 1995. It is from the album On the imperfect trace.
It will be included in the live album Love After Love, tour after tour of 1999 and 2004. Children of the dream is revived in July 2005 at the Circus Maximus in Rome during the Live 8 in which Renato Zero is flanked by Claudio Baglioni and Laura Pausini. The title recalls the result of a 1946 film directed by William Wyler, The Best Years of Our Lives, released in Italy under the title The Best Years of Our Lives.

The song has also inspired the name of the transmission "The Best Years" conducted by Carlo Conti on Rai 1, which it has as a theme and leitmotiv of the notes of the song (the artist has been host of the show in December 2009 and April 2016) .

Renato Zero has included, almost always between the closing songs, in all tours conducted since 1996 (excluding the 2006 tour, in 2007, 2009 and 2013), and has played in countless television appearances .


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