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Started by Gianne, February 16, 2017, 08:02:27 AM

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883 (read eight eight three) were an Italian musical group founded and initially composed of Max Pezzali and Mauro Repetto and later by Pezzali and other musicians.

With the first two albums, They killed Spider-Man and Northern southwest east, the 883 stood out in the Italian pop scene for the youth and original texts become a resounding manifesto and an icon of Italian ninety years.

Although they are mainly classified as a group of pop music, their music career has also gone through other genres such as dance, rock, and, especially in the album debut, hip hop.

The history of the 883 starts to Pavia in the eighties, when the two companions of the scientific high school "Copernicus" Max Pezzali and Mauro Repetto started writing songs. The first opportunity to show their artistic talent comes in 1989, participating in the transmission 1-2-3 Jovanotti, conducted by the then emerging Lorenzo Cherubini, aka Jovanotti. The two call themselves "The Pop" (from the word game "Hip-Hop") and have a repertoire of songs in English (one of these entitled Live in the Music) from rap sounds. The project appeared to have produced no result.

The artistic encounter with Claudio Cecchetto proves decisive, and work on new songs in Italian, changing the name of the group from "Pop" to "883", inspired by the smaller displacement motorcycle Sportster Harley-Davidson, of which they are big fans. Pezzali and Repetto participating in the Castrocaro Festival in 1991, with the part I do not beat around the: Pezzali is the singer, Repetto, co-author of the songs, the stage was limited to dance. It outlines the style that for many years became the "trademark" of the group: direct texts primarily to young, rich and slang catchphrases of the boys, telling ordinary and everyday situations in which it is easy to identify.


Senza averti qui -  883

Senza averti qui is a single of the 883, the first single from the third album of the group The woman's dream and the great nightmare. The song was presented at the 45th Sanremo Festival by the leader of the Max Pezzali group, after the output of the other member of the group Mauro Repetto.

The song will be classified in 8th place in the final standings of the festival song.

The song is also contained in the collections Years, Love / Life and tuttomax.


Hanno ucciso l'uomo ragno - 883   

my song styles per sd7  hanno ucciso l'uomo Ragno ..... 

In 1992 the group released their first album, entitled They killed Spider-Man, in which mixing pop and rock melodies and, on some occasions, even hip hop. Particular is the cover, in pure style pop art, in which Max and Mauro portraits appear in a balloon, while observing a group of people who, on the roof of a skyscraper, surrounding a corpse covered with a sheet. The eponymous single became a smash summer of 1992 and the album went on to sell 650,000 copies without any advertising support and without the creation of any video clip. The winning album almost immediately the first position among the best-selling albums in Italy and brings 883 to the first Telegatto as revelation of the year and best album, at the World Music Awards for Best Italian artist and the award for Newcomer of the Year in Rate voice. Other historical pieces have become the group always have the album 6/1 / loser, also released as a single, I do the beating and with a deca.