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He won the 2017 Sanremo Festival
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Francesco Gabbani (Carrara, September 9, 1982) is an Italian singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist.

He won the 2016 Sanremo Festival in the "New Proposals" with the song Amen, and that of 2017 in the category "Champion" with the song's Western Karma. It is the first singer in the history of the Sanremo Festival to have won the two main prizes of the singing event in two consecutive editions.

Born in Carrara Sept. 9, 1982 into a family that owns a musical instrument store, he was able to get close to music at an early age. His first approach is through the battery, but soon realizes the need to learn to play a harmonic instrument, that allows him to write songs like the guitar, studying for a few years in between childhood and adolescence. It also plays the piano and the bass and worked as a sound engineer and technician stage.

Before completing his studies at the Liceo Classico "E. Repetti" of Carrara, at eighteen, he signed his first recording contract and records with the project Trikobalto an album produced by Alex Blacks and Marco Baroni Planet Funk. Video clips of the two singles enter rotation on major music television channels and allow Trikobalto to perform in the major Italian festivals, including the Heineken Jammin 'Festival, to participate in the evenings badged Rock TV and open up to the BlueNote Milan 'only Italian date of Oasis.

In 2010, building on the success of the first album, arriving for the Trikobalto the release of their second album, Primary necessities, produced by Marco Patrignani. Followed by a tour in France and the realization of the Wicked Prayer video. The Trikobalto are chosen as a supporter of the only Italian date of the Stereophonics and are among the guests at the Sanremo Palafiori during the 2010 edition of the Festival. In Gabbani spring left the band signed a new record deal for the construction of his first solo project.

In summer 2011, the new single Summer and autumn, the video for Damn love, song taken from the soundtrack of the film Love hurts Mirca Viola. In 2013 he released his first official album Greitist Iz, which are extracted from the individual discs will not play and Clandestine. In 2015 she began working with BMG Rights Management as an author and signing an exclusive contract.

In autumn 2015 we present in Sanremo with the song Young Amen. Chosen by the jury, it is among the eight artists participating in 2016 edition of the Sanremo Festival in the "New Proposals."

The February 11, 2016 loses the challenge against the singer Honey and is eliminated from the race. An audit notes, however, that the vote has been distorted by a technical problem in the press room. The repetition of the voting process overturns the result: Gabbani exceeds the preliminary round. Admitted to the final on 12 February, he won the Festival in the "New Proposals", the Critics' Prize Mia Martini and the prize for best Sergio Bardotti text. The song Amen went platinum in the months following the event.

Kabbani is the author of the song Love knows, I'll write your name included in the album of Francesco Renga. He wrote, with music and co-arranged by Celso Valli the song The child with the rifle, starring Adriano Celentano and included in the album's best. Since May 6, 2016 it is transmitted in the single Eternally radio now, based on the album, followed by the third single in balance. He is the author of the soundtrack of the film Poor but rich in Fausto Brizzi, with Christian De Sica and Enrico Brignano, released on December 15, 2016.


Occidentali's Karma - Francesco Gabbani

On the final evening of 11 February 2017 is ranked in 1st place. With West's Karma will represent Italy in the Eurovision Song Contest 2017, to be held in May in Kiev.

February 14, 2017, just days after the final of Sanremo, the VEVO platform communicates that, with 4,353,802 views in 24 hours, West's Karma was the Italian most watched video in a single day. On the same day, the same official video has exceeded the threshold of 10 million page views.