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DJ Antoine

Started by montage, April 27, 2017, 07:37:45 AM

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1= Bella Vita
2= Ma Cherie

Antoine Konrad (born 23 June 1975 in Sissach, Basel-Landschaft), better known as DJ Antoine, is a well-known Swiss house, electro DJ and producer, from Basel, Switzerland. He has a number of successful single and album releases in Western Europe, in particular Switzerland and France.

His career officially took off in 1995, when he opened his club called House Café in the city of Basel. This club is the benchmark for the progress of the whole scene in Basel and the cult-parties are still in fond memories. After a short tip into the Swiss hip hop scene, DJ Antoine had quickly switched genre.

In 1998, he released his first album "DJ Antoine – The Pumpin' House Mix". In 2001, his album "Houseworks 1" won the first gold award. After that, things started to move very fast. Until this day, DJ Antoine has published just over 50 albums, strongly establishing his music and himself in the music and clubbing scene. Since 2003 he has been hosting his own weekly radio show, which is broadcast by radio stations all over the world.


Bella Vita" is a song by Swiss DJ and producer DJ Antoine taken from his studio album Sky Is the Limit. The song reached number-one in Switzerland and became a top-ten hit in Austria. "Bella vita" means beautiful life in Italian.


Ma Chérie" is a song by Swiss DJ and producer DJ Antoine taken from his studio album Welcome to DJ Antoine. It features Serbian DJ-duo, The Beat Shakers and features the vocals of Swiss singer-songwriter Maurizio Pozzi. The song became a top-ten hit in Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Russia, Slovakia, and Switzerland. The original song was created in the 2007 by The BeatShakers with the voice of the singer Alberto, the lyrics by Danica Krstajic and the music by Boris Krstajic.