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Feldberger (früher D'Feldberger Spitzbuebe) ist eine Band aus dem Schwarzwald, benannt nach dem Berg Feldberg.

History [ edit] Edit Source Code ]
The Feldbergers were founded in 1987 by Hansy Vogt , Lothar Böhler and Chris Laubis. The three musicians are still part of the band and are supported by Joe Kuttruff, who joined in 1997. The founders of the founding members were Feldberg , Holzschlag (near Bonndorf in the Black Forest ) and Titisee ; In the vicinity around the Feldberg in the Black Forest . This gave the name of D 'Feldberger Spitzbuebe . This name was shortened 1996 in Die Feldberger .

The very young band quickly achieved regional success in southern Germany and already won the coveted Schwarzwald-Musikanten-Cup in 1990. In 1991, the musicians were encouraged to produce the first CD, which in turn meant great success for the band and set the stage for the world of professional showbranches. After all, the band had their first TV appearance at the "Schlagerparade der Volksmusik", produced by Dieter Thomas Heck, at the ARD, and the title " Musik macht Herzen" ("Music Makes Heart") is the number one spot for all the other artists Music broadcasts in the popular area.

In 1993 the Feldbergers had the honor to travel to Tokyo ( Japan ) on behalf of the Federal Government, where they were to present the German music. After several CD productions the band organized the first Feldberger-Festival at the Titisee . In addition to many stars from the national music and percussion scene, as well as from rock and pop, came also Joe Cocker and gave a special concert.

Important stations in the biography of the Feldbergs were the fan trips of the Feldbergers, which they annually performed with almost 1000 fans to the Côte d'Azur . In addition, since 1999 the Feldberg summit has been held every year. This is one of the largest winter open airs in the midst of snow and ice, which welcomes up to 20,000 guests every year in the Black Forest.
In 2001, the Feldbergers were awarded the Jurypreis at ARD Grand Prix in a good mood . In 2002 her song was always called to the official ski jumping . Another big step for the band was the signing of a record contract with Sony BMG in 2004.

Here the album was produced without borders ; With the title Edeltraud from the album, the band entered the German Grand Prix of the national music in 2005 for the first time. This title was also represented for a long time in the Airplay chars; Also helped the band to enter the bar charts, the party charts and the après charts for the first time.
With the song " Die Welt ," which is also on the album "Spaß ohne Grenzen", the band is able to present the airplay charts for several weeks at the same time with two songs.

The Song We meet friends from the tourism region SCHWARZWALD as an official contribution to the 2006 World Cup .
In 2006 the Feldberger signed a record contract with the Austrian record company VM / MCP, to which they are still under contract. In the same year the Feldberger took part in the Grand Prix of the Volksmusik with the song Mamma Mia , and the album Mamma Mia was released.
In 2008 the album Feldberger - Wir geht's gut ; Furthermore, the Feldbergs were appointed musical ambassador by the tourism region of Schwarzwald.

In 2009 the Feldberger from the ZDF were obligated to present a song with Andrea Kiewel in each issue of the TV program ZDF- TV Garden. For the 20 broadcasts an album with the title " Kultschlagerparty" was produced by ZDF at Koch Universal Music.
On the 25th anniversary of the band, the album Feldberger appeared in 2011 - a wonderful time ; On the occasion of the jubilee, there was an anniversary tour in 2012 together with the TV host and Schlagerstar Andy Borg; Including venues like Konzerthaus Freiburg or Liederhalle Stuttgart on the tourplan.
In the year 2013, the Feldbergs will be awarded the " Artists of the Year" award .