Frank Kurt Zander

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Frank Kurt Zander (born 4 February 1942, Berlin) is a German singer and actor.

Zander works in Germany as singer and actor.  Zander lives in Berlin and in Ibiza.

A fan of the German football club Hertha BSC, Zander wrote the clubs current anthem "Nur Nach Hause", to the melody of Rod Stewarts "We are Sailing". The song is performed by supporters as the team enters the field at every Hertha home game at the Olympiastadion in Berlin.



The Ententanz or Vogerltanz is a Partytanz , which was created due to the melody "Ententanz" and is only danced in connection with this melody.

History of the melody

Cash & Carry - Tchip Tchip
The melody was created in 1957 in Switzerland under the original title chip chip by the music teacher Werner Thomas , who had tried the sound sequence on the accordion.

Thomas, who, according to his own data, also developed the Ententanz in 1963, performed the play as a solo entertainer in pubs and hammocks. In 1973, the Belgian music producer Louis Julien van Rijmenant discovered him in the Sunstar Park of Davos . Van Rijmenant wrote down the notes of the melody, put them in a synthesizer, and added a text under the pseudonym Terry Rendall.

The synthesizer version was called " Tchip Tchip / Who Needs Money" under the name of Cash & Carry. In 1973 with his Belgian record company Eurovox Music ( Sublabel Cannon Records # 3035), which converted 100,000 copies. She was given a golden record in the Belgian television program "Binnen en buiten" on 11 March 1973 in Antwerp (rank 6 in the Belgian charts ) and reached rank 1 in Switzerland in February 1974 for 5 weeks; In 1974 she finished fourth in the Swiss season.