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1= Liebe ist meine Rebellion
2= Wovon sollen wir traeumen

Frida Gold is a German band from Bochum . The band name comes from the song Frida by Axel Bosse . Later, "Gold" was added because the band wanted to have a duplicate   and gold would be associated with "precious, warm, radiant, not copiable and pure".

The band is under contract at Warner Music and produces pop music with German , but also partial English texts . The songs are mostly written by the singer Alina Süggeler and the bassist Andi Weizel.



Love is my rebellion is a song of the German dance pop band Frida Gold . The piece is the first single release from her second studio album Love is my religion . 

The song is a German-language remake of the song Freed from Desire by the Italian Gala from the year 1997.




What we should dream about is a song by German dance pop band Frida Gold . The play is the third single release from their debut album " Juwel" .

Origin and Artwork
The song was written by Axel Bosse , Julian Cassel, Alina Süggeler and Andreas Weizel. The single was produced by Alina Süggeler and Andreas Weizel. Gemastered was the song at Sterling Sound in New York under the direction of Tom Coyne; The single was mixed by Moritz Enders.

The single was released under the music label Warner Music Group . On the cover of the Maxi-Single is - beside artist names and song title - to see Süggelers face, against a black background. The cover image was shot by German photographer Alexander Gnädinger and designed by Katharina Coen.