Kathrin and Peter

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1= Steig in das Traumboot der Liebe
2= Wenn nicht heute, wann denn dann

Kathrin and Peter are a German singing and moderator duo from the area of ​​the German-language hit. Kathrin (* 30 November 1962 in Löbau ) and Peter Kunze (* 9 March 1962 in Löbau) live in the Zittau mountains nature park

The duo has known itself since a young age. Kathrin is a trained engineering engineer, sings and plays guitar since her childhood. Peter has been singing since his early childhood and in the school choir. After the bachelor's apprenticeship, he completed an apprenticeship as a moderator and a speech at the Kulturakademie in Dresden and in Berlin. Initially both were active as discjockeys, since the end of the 1990s they formed the duo Kathrin & Peter.

Their first single was released in 1999. Since then successful songs such as If not today when, then , Samba de la Luna or Die Melody , which also brought commercial success. They work together with music producers and writers such as Bernd Meinunger , Reiner Burmann, Willy Klüter and Uwe Haselsteiner.

They perform in different TV shows, such as On Sundays , Music for You , Funny Musicians , ZDF Television Garden , Schlager of the Year, or the popular music of the Volksmusik. In 2006 her concert trip to San Francisco (USA) was accompanied by Kameratesams and this report reached good quotas on television. They are active as TV presenters  and understand themselves as "ambassadors for the Oberlausitz".  In 1999, they opened the "Quirle-Hausl" in the holiday region "Nature Park Zittauer Gebirge", a hotel and restaurant.
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