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Linda Feller

Started by montage, May 18, 2017, 02:53:08 AM

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Linda Feller (* 23 September 1966 in Ohrdruf as Uta Weitzel ) is a German crossover singer of the country and percussion scene .

Linda Feller completed her apprenticeship at the Erfurt Commercial School. It was discovered in 1985 by Schlagersänger and entertainer Hartmut Schulze-Gerlach in his television broadcasting board and promoted in the first years of her career.
She turned to country music early, interpreted the title of Apple Jack by Dolly Parton on a production of the label Amiga and from 1986 she became the lead singer of the band Country & Co. in 1988. After her appearance at the country festival in Kloten, Switzerland, she did not Returned to the GDR and settled down in Mainz . In 1990 her first album Linda Feller was released.

Since the beginning of the 1990s she sang Country in German. Her repertoire includes a German hit, including Dolly Parton, Tammy Wynette and Shania Twain .

Feller is married and lives with her husband and her daughter from a previous relationship in Dresden-Cossebaude.

Achievements and Awards
In 1992, Feller was awarded the "Singer of the Year" prize by the newly founded German American Country Music Federation. This honor has now been given to her seven times. In 1998, she was invited to perform at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville , where she was the first German artist with the Dolly Parton title Silver and Gold on September 11, The MDR produced a TV special around this event.

In 2003 she was one of the foreign guests at the country festival "Stodola Michala Tučneho" in Hoštice u Volyně in the Czech Republic .