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Started by montage, May 28, 2017, 10:03:52 AM

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The Zipfelbuben are a three-piece German party band. It was founded in mid-2005 by the three friends Timo Schulz, Dirk Ostermann and Florian Flesch in Berlin . The musical repertoire of the band mainly consists of popular hits . Intimate moods are combined with elements of popular music and traditional folk music. Produced are the elephants of Elephant Music .

The nationwide breakthrough came in the beginning of 2006 with the single Kedeng, Kedeng! , A German version of the popular hit Per Spoor (Kedeng Kedeng) by the Dutch singer Guus Meeuwis .
After the band with the title in the ARD folk music festivals of the folk music appeared before over 7.2 million television viewers and still in the same week the inhabitants of the Big Brother village in the same television show on RTL 2 The single had joined the German charts in the middle of February 2006.
Also the second single Der Teufel and the young man , which appeared in July 2006, was a cover version. The original is the song by the Swiss singer Paola . The debut album of the band ( Volkspop ) was released on June 29, 2007. Between February and May 2007, the Zipfelbuben with Gitti and Erika toured through 52 cities in Germany and Austria .

In 2009, the single here appeared in the jungle , which became the official anthem of the fourth season of I'm a star - Get me out of here! Was selected. The Original In the Navy is by the band Village People .
In 2010 they were nominated for the Echo in the category Künstler / Künstlerin / Gruppe Volkstümliche Musik .

In 2011 appeared the single Now it's hot , which is the official Hyme of the fifth season of I'm a star - Get me out of here! Was selected.