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Started by Geno, July 10, 2018, 12:05:14 PM

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Julie, pseudonym of Angela Cracchiolo (Terrasini, 23 April 1948), is an Italian singer.

She made her very young debut with her real name in 1962, in the competition La voce della baia, which ranked second.

With the stage name Angela Bini participates in the Festival of Unknowns in Ariccia in 1965, presenting the song La notte di Salvatore Adamo; does not win but is noticed by a talent scout of the Dischi Ricordi, who puts it under contract, changing the name of art in Angela Bi.

In 1967 he participated as a couple with the rebels at the Rieti Festival, winning it.

The song "When the night" is chosen as the final theme song of the drama RAI "Sheridan: The Woman of Diamonds":

In 1970 he took part in the 1970 Naples Festival with the song by Zanfagna and Barile Perdutamente, performed in conjunction with Raoul who reached the final, placing himself at the eighth place in the standings and winning the critics' prize.

In the same year he was present at Un disco for the summer of 1970 with Tu felicità, written by Carla Vistarini, Luigi Lopez and Guido and Maurizio De Angelis.

The following year he returned to the Naples Festival 1971 with Nun is a foreigner, written by Alberto Testa and Plinio Maggi.

In 1972 he recorded the Italian version of Floy Joy of the Supremes, Why do not you want, with the Italian text written by Roberto Vecchioni.

In 1973 he took part in the Piedigrotta: The new Canzoni di Napoli with the song Canzone 'e cielo.

Adopted the pseudonym "Julie", meets Giulio Todrani and forms the duo Juli & Julie.

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In 1981 he returned to solo recording, participates in the 2nd festival of Neapolitan song (during the second evening), and the following year he participates in the Festival of Sanremo 1982 with Heart banned but fails to go to the final.

After a resumption of activity with Todrani, in 1989 he withdrew from the entertainment world.


Cuore Bandito - Julie

in the Festival of Sanremo 1982 with Heart banned but fails to go to the final.