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Joan Thiele

Started by Geno, August 15, 2018, 10:07:50 AM

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Alessandra - later artistically Joan Thiele - begins to take an interest in music at the age of 4. After finishing high school, the young woman decided to take that passion seriously and make it a real profession. Between a city and the other, but also on the web, Joan is noticed by a manager of Universal who puts her under contract. Thiele's first album was released in June 2016 and immediately gained popularity and acclaim among the public. The singer is currently single and has returned to Italy after leaving her last boyfriend. "Actually my idea was to stay in London, but then - I say it honestly - I gave up with my boyfriend and I came back to live in Milan. If we had not left, I wonder if I would have followed this same path. That blow gave me the impetus to try it out here and give it a thousand percent. But my desire is to make myself known also outside Italy: thanks to the Internet today there are no limits. And it's up to the people you surround yourself to decide "ok this tour we do in Italy, this in France". I have been lucky so far "revealed Joan Thiele to Vanity Fair.


Save Me - Joan Thiele

Save Me is the debut single by Joan Thiele