XnX+R4F sond index spreadsheet (2020-07-07)

Started by XeeniX, July 07, 2020, 11:30:19 AM

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Hi all,

Some of you might already be familiar with my song index but for those wjo ain't familiar here is what it is and how it works:

I found that I spent a lot of time searching digital music sheet books (PDF format) when trying to find a sheet for a certain song. A pdf is nice to browse on a screen and easier in use for most of us compared to the paper versions since those you need to browse and sometimes they bend back to keep them open. Or the notes are too small et cetera. But the PDF versions do not always have a nice index and when you want to find a song you usually end up browsing a zillion pdf's first. That is why I decided years ago to start indexing books to a spreadsheet. Now when I need a sheet for a song I simply open my spreadsheet do a CTRL-F and if a title is in there I get a result and see which books have that title. Easy enough since once you know which books conatian the title you are looking for you can check if you have that book. If you don;t have any of the boosk at least you know which one to request or to go after.

The spreadsheet nowadays contains over 24700 book titles and almost 100,000 song titles. It is far from perfect or complete but it still can be a HUGE time saver for most people. Can;t hurt to try and see for yourself :)

enjoy  :smiley-music022: