2022-01-23 XNX+R4F Song index spreadsheet

Started by XeeniX, January 23, 2022, 06:22:22 AM

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Here's (see attachment) the latest version of the XNX+R4F song index. In this update the indexes of 20 new books were added leading up to 2673 indexed music sheet books! This song index was created by me but nowadays is a joined effort. It is maintained and updated by my dear friend Runner4Fun and I

Peter  :smiley-music022:

Book indexes added:
Best of Brazil, The - Volume 1
Brubeck, Dave - Selections from A Dave Brubeck Christmas
Cohen, Leonard - Songs Of Leonard Cohen
Easy ABC Music - Early Rock & Roll
EZ Play Today 013 - Great Songs of the Nineties
EZ Play Today 142 - 59 Super Hits
EZ Play Today 156 - Grammy Awards
EZ Play Today 217 - Movie Ballads 2nd Edition
Glover, David Carr - Christmas Music (Level 3)
Hal Leonard - Disney - My First Songbook (Volume 1)
Seekers, The - Hit Songs & Folk Songs Vol 1
Seekers, The - Hit Songs & Folk Songs Vol 2
Songs That Won The War
Susi's Bar Piano (Merry Christmas)
Susi's Bar Piano (Vol 2)
Susi's Bar Piano (Vol 3)
Susi's Bar Piano (Vol 4)
Susi's Bar Piano (Vol 5)
Trinity Broadcasting Network Best of Praise Songbook
Very Best Of Cinema, The