Your Beautiful - James Blunt with song demo

Started by Organplayer Montage, August 07, 2023, 01:43:54 AM

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Organplayer Montage

Your Beautiful - James Blunt

Your Beautiful James Blunt 3.jpg

I really love this song  and it is always great to play this song

All songs that i have place get a songbook place and wow i realy never have play with the song book or play list from Yamaha

But now i love it and also because of Mr Qui his tutorials 

Now i understand it much better  and wow it works great so it is always easy to find the song back that i have place in the songbook i have make great

I have play this song With the stef Pdf file

Comes with 2 styles one Yamaha & One Pa5x


Yamaha Genos 2   Korg Wavestate Korg Micro x