Eddie Harris Fake Book Volume 1

Started by admin, July 26, 2023, 09:28:35 AM

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Eddie Harris Fake Book Volume 1

Eddie Harris Fake Book Volume 1.jpg

Beyond The Strip
The Bird Of Stone
Bright Child
Come Dance With Me
Dizzy Spells
Dreams Can Be For Real
Essence Of Matter
Ice Cream Truck
I'd Love To Take You Home
I Heard That
It's About Time
It's All We Do
It's A Lucky Day
It's Just Fun And Games
It's Time To Do Your Thing
La Carnival
Like John
Monk's Moment
New Deal
    No One Would Believe
Nothing Else To Do
Photographs Of You
Sallie's Theme
Silver Plated
Singing My Cares Away
Steps Up
There Is No Time
There Was A Time
These Lonely Nights
Three Quarter Miles
Vexatious Progressions
Watching The Years Go By
The Way I Feel
Why Did You Say Goodbye To Me
Why Do You Hurt Me
Why Must We Part
You Are The One
You Know It's Wrong
You Stole My Heart
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