I miss my Song styles From Yamaha

Started by Organplayer Montage, August 15, 2023, 04:08:02 AM

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Organplayer Montage

yes and i really mis it,  i have really no regret i buy the korg pa 5x he sound great

But what i miss that are the song styles for ,yamaha i have for every song a song style

But for Korg is that really not easy there are song styles but really not for almost every song

I am  cover writer and a cover player  new songs i almost never play  or it must have a good melody and style file

with music i live in the years of 80 90 2000

I really not like the music the make now  , but the korg not have to much song styles and i think the never will get it

The Genos 2 comes out soon i think this year

And i think if he sound really great it wil decretale me to go back to Yamaha

I really miss my song styles 

And nobody can make song styles for the korg pa5x 

I have try to buy it but  the qualety is really not like the song styles from Yamaha

Time will tell  but again i miss my song styles that is the only thing that let me go back to Yamaha

For the most people it really dont mind but i love to work with real song styles for the songs as a real Cover player and writer

Time will Tell but i will follow the Yamaha Genos 2  or what his name will be

Every time i play on my Korg it makes me happy i mean that but the song styles that is for me the only problem

That let me go back to the newest Yamaha keyboard

The money is no any problem it is on my bank acount Those months i think i get the answer

Or i go back or that i stay by korg  How good the next Yamaha will be if he have the same qualety i really go back

I have wow so much good song styles from all artist and songs i like and i miss it really

I always play only music that i like and know

from my childhood  i only love music that i like for the most time i never play music that i dont know

Or it must be really good in my ears

My Advice the korg pa 5x sound really perfect the best of the best  i think number one on the world this moment

But i am  cover player writer  and if you like the real song styles wait on the Genos 2 or what his name will be

But if you are not a cover player than my advice is buy the korg pa 5x because he is amazing

The best of the best

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We think the same. The reason I went with the DGX-670 is the styles and also, I am familiar with the operating system. 

The Korg may be powerful and you can do all these wonderful things with it but instead of playing, I would be forever learning it. 

But the biggest reason I stuck with Yamaha was the abundance of styles.

I am leaning towards getting a Genos as soon as they release the Genos 2. The prices should go down (?) I hope.


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Organplayer Montage

De Korg pa5x is really a perfect machine for me so much better as The genos

But song styles is really not much

If the Genos 2 have the same quality as the korg pa 5x than i think i go back to yamaha i am a Cover player and a cover writer

And what is true is true Yamaha have so much song styles wow to much almost for every song there is a song style

I will keep my eyes what will come

And how good is it only time wil tell

I think soon we will find out
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