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Started by admin, August 23, 2023, 09:07:19 PM

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Yamaha DGX-670 connected to a Yamaha MW12 Mixer connected to a pair of Yamaha MSP10's + Yamaha SW10 Subwoofer using Songbook+.
MacBook Pro  32 GB  1 Terabyte SSD



i have created a Set from my Audya4 for this Style.

with Audio Drums.

The Style in this Pack is registred for this Drums.

Copy the .wav files to the USERAUDIODRUMS folder of Audya
Copy the style CRAZY4UA.PAT into your style folder on the Audya disk.
Restart the Audia.
You can also click on Drum twice in MODE mode and
Allow the audio files to be reloaded;
you have to set the switch to off and back to on so that the Audi files are loaded again.
Otherwise they won't work yet.
A restart does this automatically.
The style is already registered to the audio drums.

Have fun playing