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Orietta Berti, stage name of Orietta Galimberti, (Cavriago, 1 June 1943), is an Italian singer.

Artist particularly loved by the general public, for several generations, dubbed by Silvio Gigli "blackcap dell'Emilia" and, later, the '' Nightingale of Cavriago ", during his career he has sold over 15 million records, receiving four discs gold, a platinum disc and two silver.
Orietta started singing very young, spurred on by his father, a great lover of opera. He studied music and opera singing.

In 1961 he participated in his first official event song, the competition New Voices Golden Record in Reggio Emilia, with the song The sky in a room by Gino Paoli, qualifying for the final which takes place on April 15 at Tarantola Club: comes sixth behind among others Paola Blacks (before) and Mortal Coil (second), while behind her is positioned Gianni Morandi (ninth).

In this contest at the Municipal Theatre of Reggio Emilia, knows Giorgio Calabrese, then artistic director of Karim, who proposed a record deal: so begins the recording career in 1962, recording his first 45 laps that go unnoticed.

Then in 1964 he signed a contract with Polydor, affecting losing yourself (cover of the song Losing you Brenda Lee) and Sister Smile songs, among which stands out Dominique, that gets even a few television appearances.

The singer demands attention of the public and the breakthrough came a year later with You're the one who wins a disc for the summer 1965, the International Exhibition of Light Music; at the end of the year he won the 1965 Rose Festival with the song I want to say thank you. In 1966 he participated for the first time in the Sanremo Festival with I'll give you more, written by Alberto Testa and Memo Remigi.

In the same year he won the Lugano Festival Returns with the sun, and was released on his second album.

Orietta Berti Umberto Bindi and in the recording studio in 1965
Back to Sanremo in 1967 with I, you and roses, song, though often remembered for being mentioned by Luigi Tenco in his suicide note, is another of its great successes.

Recorded his third album in Paris, with the orchestra of Sauro Sili and the contribution of the famous vocal group Swingle Singers, and participates in the 1967 Rose Festival I could, written by Federico Monti Arduini.

Never fool yourself with is in second place to a disc for the summer 1968; in autumn publishes its fourth album and participates in Canzonissima If I fall in love with a guy like you, written by Toto Savio.

In 1969, still he participated in the Sanremo Festival with When love becomes poetry, Mogul and fluffy, but the most successful recording is The Swing, presented to a disc for the summer.


La Voce del Silenzio - Orietta Berti


The 1968 edition of the Festival was the next one during which he had committed suicide Luigi Tenco, which had changed the way of singing of many artists, including Del Monaco. The singer occasion was combined with the US Dionne Warwick [2] [3], which was snubbed by the media, and even the same song was not very successful in the event, finishing in 14th place, which is last of the finalists.

The same Dionne Warwick also recorded the English version, Silent Voices. Later the song was re-interpreted, among others, by: Mia Martini, Loretta Goggi, Orietta Berti


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