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Ines Adler (* 6 April 1963 in Hennigsdorf near Berlin) is a German pop musician and pop musician .
Already in 1980, she drew attention to herself in the TV show " Sprungbrett" with Hartmut Schulze-Gerlach, also known as Muck, a TV broadcast by the GDR with young, up-and-coming artists. In the 1980s, Ines Adler was on tour through the GDR , including Andreas Holm and Thomas Lück . The turnaround interrupted her career. Adler worked, among other things, as a snack salesman.

In the 1990s she made contact with the new production. Neumi Neumann and Norbert Endlich hide behind it. They produced their first album "I sneak into your heart" with Adler. In 1996 Adler received the golden tuning fork for the title Take my hand , a cover version of Céline Dions "Think twice". This resulted in a contract with the record company eastwest .

The second album was released in 1998. The Titlesong I was so long not in love was title melody of the TV series Die Unbestechliche (SAT.1, directed by: Dieter Wedel ). Ines Adler then released the two single CDs "Wilde Herzen - Süßes Blut" and "Liebe lebenslänglich" ("Love Life") in 2001 after a long break at record company ALLMUSICA Production, Hamburg. In 2002 her third release "Fire on my Soul" followed. Responsible for the production and the new media presence was her new management MEDIANETT, which was led by Frank Schröder.

On March 24, 2006, their third album was released. It is called " Wie Film" and was created again in collaboration with Neuend-Production .

Ines Adler has been part of the Daxhill Studios Munich team since 2009.


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