Update SongList V1.3.6 is now online (comparable with SongBook+ freeware)

Started by robot2001, January 28, 2022, 10:54:47 AM

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- It is now possible to record the selected time markers during the game by means of the tab key in order to fill them up later with control commands.
  This allows you to control your accompaniment even better by means of script per track.
-Furthermore, a Behringer footswitch tablet can now be connected for flipping through PDF/Word files.
-A number of bugs have been corrected, which now ensure trouble-free operation.

Other features:
"SongList" offers support for Yamaha keyboards when playing with MIDI, style, notes, lyrics, as well as displaying and turning over assigned Word and PDF files using the mouse, foot switch or script. A suitable style can be found quickly using the built-in music finder and activated on the keyboard with a double click. Playlist and entries can be created, edited and activated on the keyboard. Registration banks of other Yamaha workstations can be displayed with their set values, so that you can learn from other registrations and settings and use these settings for your playing. (New in version 1.3.5 is an integrated MIDI monitor for recording and sending MIDI commands. The beat display can now be positioned similar to the keyboard MIDI play synchronously to the play under the displayed beat. Any MIDI commands from a script can now be automatically sent to the keyboard at the correct beat, just like a MIDI control track, to control your accompaniment, e.g. Main, Intro, Ending, Multipad, etc. You don't need any MIDI knowledge for this, everything is arranged by SongList in the right order and can be edited again at any time.
For more information and download please read here:    http://fritz-tools.webclient4.de