My newest synthesizer from Korg The Korg wave state

Started by Organplayer Montage, May 20, 2023, 04:14:23 AM

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Organplayer Montage

Wow what a Beautiful synth this is i buy it one week ago and this instrument let me Enjoy many hours

I really love this synth it is realy not as a Korg pax5 or Genos no this are instruments that i really love there is really no sound he not know

For me are this the greatest instruments on this world by accident i get contact with this machine and when i hear it i must have it

He is also great for Movies wow i love it and you can make your own sounds but that is not for me

And ofcours i place a demo of this great synth  he can do what for music your like there is really noting he can not do

And on the internet you can buy sounds are styles what you like and that makes it so special people make the sounds and the styles you put it in the machine and you have immediately a new sort of synth with complete new sounds and styles what ever you want

You can make a movie synth of it ore a classical synth  or a pop synth go on and on and he sound really great

The quality of sounds is much better as my Yamaha Genos he sound so much better i think the same as The Korg Kronos also so a great sounding instrument

I really love this quality of sounds perfect i must say it is really a complex instrument but i wil not use it i buy the sounds than it is not complex but what you buy you also can make with this machine but than you must complet know this instrument and so as you know i have really no time to do that

I am to busy with my work, i love my work i work there now almost 2 years not one time i not want go , i have not one our take free, of cours i have free days but never i take a day free . no way even holidays i will work i always work even when my woman is free for holly days, this year she wil go to Italy with my daughter.\I not go with them i really dont like other country's  i stay home and will continue my work i really not want free from work,
My Colegas say i am grazy buth that is me i wil always work the money is good and i place all on my bank acount
so i can buy sometimes something so as now my Korg Wavestate i have now 4 instruments and one push on a button and everyting will work and i love it.

Here A Demo video of my newest Instrument  Movie sounds

korgwavestate_modwave.jpg  PopSongs

The Korg Pa5x  Roland JDXI  Korg Wavestate


Rob.. I always like reading your reviews.... Please don't change (grazy) we like you the way you are.  8)
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Organplayer Montage

Thanks Ron and people that know me the are not surprised that i have again a new synth the know me

people can better ask me what i have not in my whole life to much i buy and sell when i have my studio upstairs
i have one time 8 keyboards synthesizers Soundmodule at one time

Now i have 4 but that is max i sit in my livingroom i have really now place for more instruments

But all are connected with eats other and also the recorder record all the instruments and that is what i want

But also People that know me know that i will change again that is how i am i think i never will be 100 % satisfied

But one think this is all what i need i never go to a bar of somethings i never go for HollyDays this is all i want sometimes a new instrument i love it hahahahahahah

And now with my work i ca buy it much eayser my woman say we become old we can not take the money with us and she have right in that

but saving money is very importend when something happens to me my healty is not 100 % and that will never be

i want when something happens to me that my family not get problems with money and that is why i save my money for them that is why i work to much

And also my collega's know me i have 45 woman collega's and one woman boss i love that woman she have save me and give me work  next month is her birds day all the collega's put money together

And i have ask her Friday  what i can buy her for her Bird Day  i know she have everything and i know she have money enough she have buy a house for 1,5 miljoen with her Family, but i really not mint that i told her you have give me that work wants give you something specials what you like, she wil make a list and money no probleem i will give it to her

In the past i never work with womans and now i have 45 collega's hhahaha i love it, and some are very beautiful

I always talk to much and the know it , the must stop me because if the not do it the never can work again and the are to busy it means i must try to close my mouth

But ok i talk again to much sorry that is ho i am

The Korg Pa5x  Roland JDXI  Korg Wavestate