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Yamaha / Michael Wendler - Hitmix 2009
Last post by admin - Today at 08:26:59 AM
Michael Wendler - Hitmix 2009
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Mickie Krause - Oh, wie ist das schoen
Yamaha / Nic - Es steht in deinen Augen
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Nic - Es steht in deinen Augen
1940 - 1949 / The Streets Of Laredo (Sheet) ...
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1940 - 1949 / ISLAS CANARIAS (Sheet) 1947
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Rob's Creation's / Request -The Alan Parsons Proj...
Last post by ludo willems - Today at 07:20:21 AM
Nog ééntje van mijn favorieten . Rob zou jij hier ook een pdf bestand van willen maken indien mogelijk .Groetjes ludo
Rob's Creation's / Re: Als de zon schijnt Andre ...
Last post by ludo willems - Today at 07:10:51 AM
Bedankt Rob , wordt er telkens weer blij van als ik het hoor en zeker nu het zonnetje schijnt , weer mooi gespeeld .Groetjes ludo
This morning i have make 2 Demo songs so i let hear what this workstation can do

This is a stand alone workstation it means there is nothing more need to make compliet music

And wow the result is perfeckt and endless

This time i buy not a Yamaha a Korg or ketron

Or othe famed brands

I buy a Akai MPC key 61  and wow it sound perfeckt togheter with my other instruments i must say that

From my childhood i study the Organ  and then a long time later keyboards come out and synthesizers

And wow i have so much of those instruments  i always have more as one keyboard that give me the Organ feeling back

And that is why i always will have more keyboards as one when i have only one i will mis a second keyboard

i work now a little bit longer on this workatation and the resultat till now are this 2 Demos of my akai

My Akai works with sampels it means also a singging voice can come in my music only my voice is teribble  i can not use that and i will not use that i am really not a singer it is to painful for people when i sing for them

but ok i make this morning thos 2 songs and let you hear what this machine can do what you hear is only the Akai Mpc key 61 i love it great machine and i can tell you not any keyboard can do this not a Genos not a Korg pa5x


I have created