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Ornella Vanoni

Started by Geno, January 13, 2017, 02:19:10 PM

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Ornella Vanoni (Milan, September 22, 1934) is an Italian singer and actress.

He is the Italian female artist from the absolute longest career: continuously in business since 1956, is considered one of the best interpreters of the most famous and important Italian music.

Equipped with a unique performing style and very sophisticated, as well as a highly recognizable voice timbre, that characterize the strong artistic personality, Ornella Vanoni features a large, versatile repertoire ranging from songs of the underworld to bossa nova, from soul to jazz, with particular attention to the Italian songwriters.

Its beginnings date back to the second half of the 50s, under the guidance of Giorgio Strehler, which had become young companion while attending the Academy of Dramatic Art of the Piccolo Teatro of Milan, and came to fame as "singer of evil": but to me, the mantellate, They killed the Mario, songs become symbolic of a musical genre somewhere between folk and theatrical song, which Strehler and his collaborators invented especially for her.

His first hit records, however, coincide with an aura away and committed intellectual who had characterized its beginnings, in favor of a lighter and romantic repertoire. Programs such as Winter Garden and Canzonissima, see the "new" Vanoni launch suggestive love songs like Look for me and the famous Endless, written and dedicatale by Gino Paoli, with whom in 1960 weaves an intense love story right after the wedding with the impresario Lucio Ardenzi (from which comes his only son, Christian).

Reads starring in "The Idiot" by Marcel Achard, "The girlfriend of soldier" by Edoardo Anton (that are worth two prestigious Awards San Genesio Best Actress of the Year in 1962 and 1963), and also in Rugantino, famous musical comedy Garinei & Giovannini which will debut on Broadway in January 1964.

Titles like Tu yes' na big thing (1st place in the Festival of Naples in 1964), I will give you more (Festival of Sanremo 1966), the music is over (the Sanremo Festival in 1967), Sadness (1967) One reason for more (1969), make her one of the most quoted interpreters of Italian music of the '60s.

But it is in the following decade that the Vanoni reaches the peak of popularity: after a good 4th place in Sanremo with Eternity (also sung by the Chameleons), in the fall of 1970 with the release of The appointment - famous Brazilian cover of Roberto and Erasmo Carlos with Italian text by Bruno Lightman - the singer gets both from the public and critics, inaugurating a new phase in her career, full of great success with record sales of hundreds of thousands of copies, from 45 laps which tomorrow is another day (1971), time to go mad (1972), More (1976), as well as LP integers including Details (1973), at one point ... (1974), and twice I inside / I off (1977), made with the New Trolls.


Una Ragione di più - Ornella Vanoni

All the more reason (1969), make her one of the most quoted interpreters of Italian music of the '60s.


L'appuntamento  - Ornella Vanoni

The album is a sort of collection of some pieces of previous albums and singles: it is included first of all for the first time in the album The appointment, perhaps the singer's most famous song, which wins the Venice International Light Music Festival; then there is the White House which comes second to the Sanremo Festival 1968 and Eternity that Ornella presents at the 1970 Sanremo Festival in tandem with I Camaleonti arriving in fourth place; with the pieces In this silence and with Sono triste he participates in Canzonissima 1968 and with the songs Una ragione di più and Finisce qui participates in the program Without network (television program).

The disc reaches the fifth place in the sales rankings.

Reprinted several times, retained substantially the same graphic composition with slight and insignificant color variations. To identify the reprints you can only base on the different graphics of the label (before 1971 the Ariston disks have the logo inserted in a silver rectangle, then replaced by a shaded writing) and the dates marked in the empty grooves of the vinyl. In addition there is a reprint with a completely different cover and with the same catalog number.

The song The appointment was also sung in Spanish by Ornella and included only in the album Lo Mejor de Ornella Vanoni (Carnaby CPS 9208), with the title Sentado a la vera del camino in 1972.