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André Raimbourg , said Bourvil , is an actor , singer and comedian French , born27 July 1917At Prétot-Vicquemare ( Seine-Inférieure ) and died on23 September 1970In Paris .

André Raimbourg, alias Bourvil, is the second son of Albert Raimbourg (1889-1918), who died of the Spanish flu during the First World War and of Eugenie Pesquet (1891-1970), farmers. He spent his childhood with his mother and his new husband, a farmer named Joseph Ménard, in his mother's native village of Bourville where she returned in 1921. He thus had an elder brother, René Raimbourg, a younger sister Denise (1919-2006), a half-sister Therese and a half-brother, Marcel Ménard, future mayor of the commune of Bourville 2 .

Good student, he gets his certificate of studies with the mention very well. He was destined to become a farmer, but he began his studies as a teacher at the upper primary school for boys in Doudeville . Repelled by the strict rules of the boarding school, he returned two years later to the family farm 3 .

He is also a mischievous choirboy and regularly animates family festivals, banquets and kermesses. He picked up the songs of Fernandel while making the clown, which quickly earned him the nickname "Norman Fernandel" 4 . From time to time, the family harnessed the horse from the farm and went to the market of Fontaine-le-Dun , capital of the canton. It was in 1936,

Mitron to 17 years in the bakery of Mr. Beaufils at Saint-Laurent-en-Caux , he became a baker in Rouen in 1936. In 1937 he was the revelation, when he attends the spectacle of his idol Fernandel circus Rouen. He decided to become an artist 6 .

In order to choose his weapon, and thus join the military music, he decides to anticipate the call and enters the army for two years of military service. He was posted February 20, 1937 in the 24 th  infantry regiment in Paris.

Cornettist in the band of the regiment, he makes laughs his comrades of room that challenge him in 1938: to register to the radio-crochet The Fiancés of Byrrh to Radio-Paris . Under the pseudonym of Andrel (referring to his model Fernandel ), he interprets the song Ignatius and won the Prix Byrrh , three hundred francs immediately employees to buy an accordion 7 .

Demobilized after the Battle of France , he practiced many small trades (plumber, racing boy for a fiduciary company) in the capital, but continued his musical career: radio-hooks , cabarets, music-halls. The imitations of Fernandel being no longer recipe, he creates the character of the naive "comic-peasant" by folding his fringe on the forehead and donning black pants and a narrow jacket: Andrel becomes Bourvil in 1942 8 .

His first cousin, Lucien Raimbourg , being already in the trade, he chose this name of scene, to avoid any confusion, referring to the village of his childhood. He will sometimes be named "André Bourvil" Elsewhere a "Théâtre André Bourvil" in Paris , XI th arrondissement ). It is under this name that it appears in the credits and the poster of the penultimate film that it turned, The Red Circle .

He marries 23 January 1943, Jeanne Lefrique, with whom he will have two sons:

Dominique Raimbourg (born on28 April 1950), Criminal lawyer and deputy of Loire-Atlantique 9 , 10  ;
Philippe Raimbourg (born on18 March 1953), Professor of finance at the University Paris 1 Panthéon - Sorbonne and at the ESCP Europe .

Young artist in search of success, he moved with his wife in Vincennes , in a tiny apartment of 25 street of Dairy on the seventh floor under the roof, where he remained until 1947 11 . He chains his numbers of "comic-peasant" ( derivative of the trumpet comic ) to the dragging accent with a new musical repertoire, putting music on the texts of his accordionist friend Étienne Lorin met in 1939.

It is with the song Les Pencils that his career really began in 1945 . It was with this song that he made his first appearance at the cinema in 1945 , in La Ferme du pendu ,
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Yamaha DGX-670 connected to a Yamaha MW12 Mixer connected to a pair of Yamaha MSP10's + Yamaha SW10 Subwoofer using Songbook+.
MacBook Pro  32 GB  1 Terabyte SSD