The new version SongListV1.4.0 is online

Started by robot2001, January 04, 2023, 01:50:44 PM

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The new version SongListV1.4.0 is online at

SongList is a freeware for Windows and offers you features like SongBook+, more to edit registrations and the possibility to control your keyboard via MIDI scripts
The software supports the Yamaha keyboards (PSR-S700 - PSR-S975, Tyros1-5, Genos, PSR-SX700/900)

New features:

Remove special carters 
Remove special and control characters from file names or a column in *.CSV, *.TSV files) furthermore: (.RGT, .MID, .KAR, .PDF, .TXT, .PD2, .PAD, .STY, .BCS, .PRS, .SST, .FPS, .PST, .PCS, .YMS, .NPS, .CSV (music finder export ";"), .TSV (playlist "Tab") 

The MIDI commands used can now contain a loop number if required.This makes it possible to execute different MIDI commands when using jumps and loops with multiple loop passes. For example, different mains, intros, etc. can be specified for each pass. Furthermore, it is now also possible to execute associated different MIDI commands such as Intro or Main change before the jump. 

Monitor/Script (Voice setting)
Send complete sound compositions R1,R2,R3,Left (OTS) or single voice settings to your keyboard at any time.

Delete Memory Contents
If you want to remove stored function groups from your registrations that have been stored too much, you can now have this done easily and quickly in batch mode.  

Creating Voice Registrations
For users who cannot use the new "Voice setting" function, another registration based "Voice setting" function has been implemented. With the "Replace style" function, registrations containing only styles and voice can now be edited at the push of a button to load only voice L,R1,R2,R3 without the saved style.  

Adding game markers
Adding markers in the documentation section of the beat position line in script display mode. When playing a MIDI or YouTube video to mark a Main, Break or any other action. These markers are displayed in the beat display when playing later symbols with. (+), (-), (*)

Script Monitor
The MFC command set has been extended with Left,R1,R2,R3 ON/Off.

Change entries
This function has now been extended to change the parameters Fingering, ACMP, Sync Start, Sync Stop in Batch Mode. Thus these parameters can be changed now for a memory or the entire bank of a file, directory or all registrations.

Create Database
The creation of the database has been accelerated.

A playlist fast search (A-Z 0-9) and a full text search have been added.Batch Processing/Monitor-Script/ Monitor-Create-scriptsIn the function "Create OTS" a query for the set upper octave of the keyboard has been added. The entered octave -1 to+1 is automatically appended to the name of the VoiceSet to be able to set the correct "Upper Octave" of the keyboard when loading the voice.

Music finder
The "VoiceSet On/Off" function in the music finder has been extended. You can now change, delete or move the selected ,,VoiceSet".

Convert registrations
With this function you can easily and quickly convert registrations for other keyboards and thus learn from other musicians. Disturbing links and settings can be removed at the same time.

CSV export
Bank contents such as MIDI, Audio, Song-A, Song-B, Style, M-Pad and TEXT can be exported to CSV lists.