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Started by montage, June 01, 2017, 03:38:16 PM

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Schnuffel (German pronunciation: [ˈʃnʊfəl]; English: Snuggle, French: Lapin Câlin) is an animated kind, gentle, fun-loving rabbit made at the end of 2007 for the marketing of one of the German media company Jamba! ringtones, yet the first concepts of the Schnuffel character were born in July 2.

The ringtone was turned into a song by Sebastian Nussbaum and Andreas Wendorf and recorded under the title Kuschel Song ("cuddling song").  The single was released in February 2008 and the ringtone rabbit made it immediately to the top of the German and European charts. After the song went to the top of the Austrian charts and to number 2 in Switzerland, plans were made to release the song internationally. The songs were translated in 13 languages and 13 albums have been released, including German re-editions and international albums.

Schnuffel was introduced into the US market on January 17, 2010. The Schnuffel ringtone commercial once aired on MTV, MTV2, Comedy Central, TeenNick, and ABC Family.

Due to a rise in Greek interest, Schnuffel has turned to their market producing previous albums in Greek. These are not carbon copies of the original albums as minor tweaks in the track list and provided media have been made. With the switch to the Greek market Sony has not been producing these CDs, instead the Greek label Heaven Records has taken their spot.

From the 2012 Schnuffel started to release apps for Android. The last one was released for Android on the 23th of March 2015   and later for iOS too, making it the third app to be released for iOS, after "Schnuffel Bunny Hop" and "Schnuffel Virtual Pet".
Schnuffel's female counterpart and girlfriend is named Schnuffelienchen (Snuggelina in English). They both are bunny lops.

Schnuffelienchen's first and only single-CD, "Küss mich, halt mich, lieb mich" (Kiss me, hold me, love me) was released on 29 October 2010 and stayed 1 week at the 99th position of the German charts.  Her second single, "Schmetterling" (Butterfly) was released on 28 February 2012 only on the Jamba/Jamster sites,  and released digitally on Amazon, iTunes and GooglePlay only on 25 July 2014, together with the English version.  Schnuffelienchen's third single "Ohne Dich" (Without You) was released on 26 September 2014 as a digital download.



"Kuschel Song" (or "Snuggle Song") is the first hit single released by Schnuffel. Originally published by Jamba! as a ringtone, it was then turned into a song by Sebastian Nussbaum and Andreas Marek-Wendorf. "Kuschel Song" debuted at the top of the German singles chart, staying there for eight weeks. The single was certified Platinum by the BVMI for 300,000 copies sold. After the song went to the top of the Austrian charts and to number two in Switzerland, plans were made to release the song internationally. The single debuted at number seven in Europe. It was released as a Single Premium on 14 March 2008. A "Kuschel Song" collection was released in digital format on 21 March 2008,

also featuring the English, French, Spanish and Italian versions.  The song was also included on the digital release Häschenparty – Famous 5 (24 October 2008) as the third track.  A video of person dressed as Schnuffel "singing" the song also became popular.  At the beginning of 2009, Schnuffel received a nomination for the single of the year 2008.

Later, in 2013, "Kuschel Song" was chosen by the German TV show Die ultimative Chart Show as the most successful jingle of the new millennium.  It is the second track on the album Ich hab' Dich lieb. and Ich hab' Dich lieb Gold Edition. The album Winterwunderland features an acoustic version of the song as the 14th track.