Technics KN-7000 converted to Tyros4 Pack 19 of 40

Started by chellinoolmo, May 29, 2015, 08:32:02 AM

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These are styles that are converted from Technics KN-7000 to Tyros4.
They are revoiced and tweaked for Tyros4; with OTS.

And an equally big thanks to Chris, which has offered his help with the necessary revoicing and tweaking + OTS; so that these styles are particularly suited to Tyros4.

We are very pleased to have him here at CSS - without his great efforts, would this project have been impossible!

Here are the contents of Pack 19; of a total of 40 packs:

Chapel Gospel
Country 2step
Country Blues
Country Pop
Dixie Band
Dixie Pianist
Fast Ragtime
Gospel 3/4
Gospel 4/4
Gospel Ballad
Gospel Revival
Gospel Shuffle
Hawaii Shuffle
Jazz Ballad2
Jazz Quintet
Organ Blues
Roaring 20s
Slow Blues
Slow Ragtime


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Merci pour ces Styles ...Mon Tyros 4 va aimer .. Jean Pierre   :s_hi: