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Gerhard Wendland (* 19. April 1916[1] in Berlin; † 21. Juni 1996 in München) war ein deutscher Schlagersänger.

Gerhard Wendland broke a jurisprudence and turned to the study of music at the Musikhochschule Berlin. He had decided to become an opera singer . The conductor and composer of more easily music , Franz Grothe , persuaded him to listen to Schlager. At 27, Wendland brought his first record You were the most beautiful dream for me . In 1940 Wendland's career was interrupted by the Second World War; He was convicted and fell into American war . In 1948, he used his captive contacts and joined the American officers' clubs as a singer. Soon he received engagements from the Bavarian Radio and Werner Müller with his well-known RIAS dance orchestra . Here he often collaborated with the singer Gitta Lind .

In 1951 his Schlager was making only the legs of Dolores heard in all radio stations. He was one of the most sought-after performers in the 1950s . In 1960, he took part in the Eurovision Song Contest with the song All Miracles of the World , where he finished third. In the year 1964, he again took the song Wohin, where he was unsuccessful, in the German preliminary decision for the Eurovision Song Contest .
The Tango dance with me in the morning received 1961 a golden record . The song was recorded in the hit parade for 46 weeks and became the so-called "earworm". In 1964 he was commissioned to record the song of the ARD TV radio and sang the song Bald knocks the luck also times at your door in numerous television broadcasts.

On 18 January 1969 he appeared in the first issue of Dieter Thomas Hecks ZDF-hit parade with the title Liebst Du mich? , But it was anachronistic between the protagonists of the percussion scene, some decades younger.
At the beginning of the football league he joined his favorite team Borussia Dortmund and was often a guest in the stands. Wendland was also seen on the screen, where he sometimes played himself. Performances in the theater and as a frequent guest at gala-events rounded off his artistic life.

Gerhard Wendland died on 21 June 1996 in his house near Munich. His grave is located in the Riem cemetery in Munich.



Dancing with me in the morning is a German-language hit song in the tangor rhythm , which was published in 1961 with Gerhard Wendland . The refrain starts with the catchy words I may ask for the tango at midnight .

With the text written by Karl Götz and the music of Kurt Hertha , the record company Philips brought the song under the number 345 317 PF with the back. I miss so much in August 1961. The song became a number one hit in Germany. In the top 50 of the German Musikfachschrift Musikmarkt the title was recorded for 46 weeks and was three times in the first place.

In the yearly music box 1962 of the youth magazine BRAVO came dancing with me in the morning to fifth place. In addition, the title was awarded the Golden Record. Also in the Dutch "Top 30 Music Express" hit the Schlagerplatz one and was there for more than a year in the charts. Dancing with me in the morning was often covered , among others by Jimmy Wegland . Hugo Egon Balder recorded a version in the style of the New German Wave in 1983.

Dancing with me in the morning is also the title of an Austrian film, shot in 1962 under the direction of Peter Dörre , in which Gerhard Wendland sings in a secondary role his success story.