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I Profeti were a well-known Milanese complex music beats, spostatosi later towards the melodic pop.

The nucleus of the band was formed in Milan in 1964; after the first performances in his hometown musicians come into contact with CBS, which offers them a contract: it is published in 1966 their first 45 laps, lonely little girl who was extremely successful (the song on the back, Shadows of evening, is written by Lucio Battisti).

The second 45 contains the Heartbreaker song, a cover of Ruby Tuesday Rolling Stones, with lyrics by Mogol; on the back Black Sun, cover of Call My Name of Them; After this record it has the first of a long series of rotations in the formation (due to the call for military service of some of the components). During the recording of the first album in fact it takes place the entrance of Roberto and Raffaele Margaria Favero.

The album is interesting for unpublished as Wipe your tears away (another song of Baptists), to make a man of Francesco Guccini and a cover of The Bells of Rhymney by Pete Seeger (with an arrangement similar to that achieved by the Byrds) .

Even the look of the band musicians are trying to find an original way and on the cover are photographed dressed in oriental robes and caftans; Furthermore there is also a search on the album sounds, with the use of exotic instruments like the sitar or the proposal of some instrumental pieces such as Sunny or Fa fa fa fa.

After the album's release Favero abandons the complex (you will transfer to Pakistan by opening the common transcultural Tatti Nasrati [1] and then in Afghanistan, becoming a Muslim and took the name Raffiullah Khan, only to end up killed in the war [2]) , replaced by Franco D'Onofrio he will leave the formation in April of 1969 to devote himself to theater acting career (will also work in the company of Eduardo De Filippo); It will be replaced by the falling Osvaldo Bernasconi. Donato also Ciletti back and Roberto Margaria shifts from bass to guitar instead of Nazareno La Rovere, leaving the complex.


Gli occhi verdi dell'amore - I Profeti

Angel Of The Morning - Juice Newton

Green eyes of love, cover of Angel of the Morning by Merrilee Rush & the Turnabouts in the fall of 1968


Rubacuori -  Profeti

Heartbreaker of the group I Prophets and with text of Mogol


Non si muore per amore -  I Profeti

However, the complex returns in hit parade in 1970 with "Do not die for love"