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Mixed Emotions was a German pop music group formed in 1986 by vocalists Drafi Deutscher (9 May 1946 – 9 June 2006) and Oliver Simon (14 May 1957 – 31 July 2013). Deutscher sang, wrote/co-wrote and produced/co-produced all Mixed Emotions' songs, many of which were co-written with regular producer and musical contributor Christopher Evans Ironside.

Their best known hit is probably that from their first year, the song "You Want Love (Maria, Maria)". Other well-known songs are "Bring Back (Sha Na Na)", "Sweetheart - Darlin' My Dear", "Just for You" and "I Never Give Up". After five best selling singles and two successful albums, the group split in 1989.

In 1991, Drafi Deutscher decided to continue with a new member, Andreas Martin, under a slightly changed name – New Mixed Emotions. The new line-up released an album called Side By Side and two singles.

In 1999, the original line-up of Drafi Deutscher and Oliver Simon reunited under the original name the Mixed Emotions for a new album called We Belong Together consisting of two new songs and 11 remakes (new music, new vocals) of their old hits. They had a number of successful of TV appearances. Following this album the group disbanded again.

Drafi Deutscher died of heart failure in Frankfurt am Main on 9 June 2006. He was 60.

Oliver Simon was born in Wolfratshausen. He died of a brain tumor on 31 July 2013. He was 56.



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