47 style conversions for T5 you might not have already

Started by XeeniX, June 04, 2022, 09:02:37 AM

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Attached is a style pack you can download with styles that I found nice enough to convert for my Tyros 5. The source list shows where they originally came from. Not all styles from the mentioned packs were converted since some simply didn't load on my T5 (too big), some I simply didn't like and some (DGV670 presets) were either already on my keyboard or in my style collection from different models like SX900/Genos.

Still......, 47 nice styles left to share with you. Feel free to download them to see if they are of use to you.....

Source list:
DGX670 presets)
Bachata Brazil
Carnaval Brazil
Forro Tradicional
Gospel Brazil
Norte Brazil
Pop Brazil
Ritmo Do Sul
Rock Brazil
Samba & Pagode

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