SUPER TOP 8 (Songbook)

Started by OLISAN, January 27, 2020, 05:05:45 AM

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SUPER TOP 8 (Songbook)

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Love Us, We Love You
In The Name Of A Woman
Glass Ball
Born To Make You Happy
These Soirees-la
Corride (La)
Unlock The Stars
Want To Love (I)
Hors -Season
There Are Too Many People Who
Love You I Love Women
Jaedin D'Hiver
J'en Reve Encore
Langue De Chez Nous (la)
Love Me, Please Love Me
Mambo N5
Manivelle (la)
    My Hands On Your Hips
Blue Words (the)
Don't Leave No
Friend (Like You)
Little Foam Man (the)
When I See Your Eyes
Left Bank Kings
Of The World (the)
Blood For Blood
Know How To Love
Sex Bomb
If I Was She
If It Was Enough To Love
Green Shoes (the)
Time Again Dropping
the Shirt
Turning the Towels
All Women Are Beautiful
Three Bells (the)
You Didn't Give Me Time
A Day Will Come
A Day Or The Another
One Point It's You
Voice of the Wise (la)