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Tullio de Piscopo - Andamento Lento




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Tullio Gennaro De Piscopo, known as Tullio De Piscopo (Naples, 24 February 1946) is a drummer, songwriter, percussionist and Italian bandleader.

His father, Giuseppe, was in turn a drummer and percussionist who played in the orchestra of the Teatro San Carlo di Napoli and in the orchestra of Maestro Giuseppe Anepeta, one of the most famous arrangers and conductors of the Neapolitan song, while elder brother Romeo (born in 1937) was part of complexes that played in the Bagnoli area, gravitating around the NATO base. Romeo would have died only twenty years in 1957 after an evening with the Orchestra of the Officers Club of the base Nato di Bagnoli.

At the age of thirteen De Piscopo worked in nightclubs in the same area, very frequented by American soldiers, and later became part of jazz groups.

In 1969, at the age of twenty-three, he moved to Turin, succeeding in establishing himself on the music scene obtaining a writing as a fixed drummer at the Swing Club, Turin jazz club of the time. In 1971 he moved to Milan and from now on his career would have been distinguished by many prestigious collaborations with foreign artists on tour in Europe, performances in orchestras, some solo albums and some albums in which he accompanies high-level musicians. He was also a sessionist for dance groups and for important masters, including Tony Mimms, Augusto Martelli, Victor Bach, Bill Conti, Franco Cassano, Pino Presti, with whom he formed for most of the seventies one of the most innovative and requested rhythm sections internationally.

In the early seventies he entered the Franco Cerri Quartet, the group formed by the famous guitarist Franco Cerri, in which he plays with the guitarist Angelo Arienti and the double bass player Giorgio Azzolini. In 1973 he also took part in the new training, Franco Cerri Quintet, with Nando De Luca on piano, Pino Presti on electric bass, Giorgio Baiocco on saxophone and flute. In 1974 and 1975 he was part of the New Trolls Atomic System. At the turn of the seventies and eighties he was the endorser of the Italian HiPercussion batteries.


Andamento Lento - Tullio De Piscopo


Slow progress / Tamboo-tamboo da rè is a single by Tullio De Piscopo, published on record 45 rpm by the EMI record label in February 1988.

Slow progress is a piece of music written by Tullio De Piscopo, Giosy Capuano and Mario Capuano, presented at the Sanremo Festival 1988 in the interpretation of De Piscopo himself. During the kermesse it is positioned at the 18th place.


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