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Salvatore said Toto Cutugno (Tendola, July 7, 1943) is a singer, composer, lyricist and Italian television presenter.

He participated, solo, in pairs or with a group, 15 editions of the Festival of Sanremo winning it once (1980), reaching six times second and once third; regarding this event song, also he placed in the top three also some songs he has written for other artists. Finally he topped the charts both as an interpreter of his songs, both as a producer and author of works for other singers, notably Adriano Celentano at the turn of the seventies and eighties, and has won the Eurovision Song Contest 1990. With more than 100 million copies sold worldwide, it is estimated to be the fourth Italian artist sales, together with Luciano Pavarotti behind only Patty Pravo [3], Mina and Adriano Celentano.

He is married since 1971 with Carla, and another relationship has had his son Nicholas. It is fan of AC Milan.
In 1976, when still a component of Albatros, began a solo career with 45 laps Like yesterday, like today, as always / Girl Mother, that goes unnoticed.

The first success the following year, the song Woman my woman who will become the theme song of Mike Bongiorno program, bet ?. The same year he wrote the song for Adriano Celentano Soli which remains stable for months at the top of the charts in sales, and other pieces that are contained in the homonymous album released in 1979 from the suspension.

Continue in these eighty years the author activities for Italian and international artists in France for Joe Dassin, Johnny Hallyday, Claude François, Hervé Vilard, Michel Sardou, Mireille Mathieu, Dalida, Sheila; in Spain and South America for Miguel Bosé, the Chocolats, Luis Rodriguez, Luis Miguel, Christian Castro.

In 1979 he recorded under the label Carousel I want the soul, her debut album, containing 11 tracks, which are then recorded by various artists, both Italian and foreign. Participated and won the Sanremo Festival in 1980 with Only we, piece that will take him to win the 2nd place in Hit parade and will be in the top 20 best-selling singles of 1980 [9]. The same year also participates in the Tokyo Festival with Francesca does not know and at the Festivalbar 1980 with two songs: Sweethearts, piece he performed that won the fourth place, and Olympic Games, he composed but played by Miguel Bosé, who wins the kermesse. also affects Flash eponymous theme song of Mike Bongiorno program.

1980 is an important year in the career of Toto. A few years earlier he had ended the collaboration with Vito Pallavicini, author of many texts of his songs. Only with us and Lovers Toto began to also write the lyrics of their songs, in addition to music.

Cutugno (the center) is awarded at the XXX Festival of Sanremo by Roberto Benigni conductors and Olimpia Carlisi
At the same luck in 1980, Toto writes, with the collaboration of Cristiano Minellono and Claudia Mori, another hit by Adriano Celentano entitled The Time Goes, including in A little 'artist a little' no, 33 laps composed entirely Cutugno and Minellono.

Following these thriving collaborations come out the second (In love, love, love) and the third album (My music) Toto Cutugno.


L'Italiano - Toto Cutugno

The international success of The Italian [edit | change wikitext]
Participates at the Sanremo Festival in 1983 with the song that will become his most famous, The Italian: second in the Big section (so-called "Group B") behind the Matia Bazar, will end only in fifth place, so winning the popular vote (quell only experimental) Totip 'year. Written with Cristiano Minellono, The Italian had been designed specifically for the interpretation of Adriano Celentano, considered perfect by the authors for that tune. But Celentano refused. Was Gianni Ravera, organizer of the Festival of Sanremo, to convince Toto Cutugno to interpret it.  The Italian-scale European Charts (in Italy reaches the first position and remains in the Top 10 for weeks) [9], is then recorded and translated by various artists in different languages, selling millions of records.

In the summer of the same year he published the single summer with you. At the Sanremo Festival in 1984 ranks second with Serenata and in the same year he wrote for El Puma the song C'est Venice. At the Sanremo Festival in 1985 he is still according as the author of the song by Luis Miguel We kids of today and the single public summer I'd like to (go to the beach to Monday), will present at the Festivalbar. Following the release of the long playing for love or play, produced by Baby Records.

Returns to the Sanremo Festival in 1986 with Azzurra melancholy, and get fourth place, the lowest placement tied to popular Totip juries. At the Sanremo Festival in 1987 once again ranks second with Sons and wrote three more songs, I love (for Fausto Leali), The Dreamer (for Peppino Di Capri, signed with other authors) and song of love (for Rich and Poor, collaborating with Dario Farina). The same year he began working Sunday in which he writes the initials An Italian Sunday, where is one of the authors of his trusted collaborator Christian "Popi" Minellono. In public spring with excellent results the Mediterranean albums for EMI Italian. One of the tracks on the disc, Naples, performed in tandem with Fausto Leali, competes in a disc for the summer.

In the following two years in Sanremo is ranked second again in 1988 (behind Massimo Ranieri) with Emotions and wrote two other songs, I for neighborhood streets (for Franco Califano) and for us (for Fiordaliso), in 1989 (behind the couple and Anna Oxa Fausto Leali) with moms, and wrote two other songs If I had not you (for Fiordaliso) and the end of the world (for Gigi Sabani).


Volo AZ 504 - Toto Cutugno (Albatros)

In 1976 rank third place in the Sanremo Festival with Flight AZ504, which in the version engraved sees as a narrator Silvia Dionisio. The song strongly anti-abortion (she leaves him because he induced an abortion and hand with the flight of the title) creates controversy in a "hot" period as the seventies (two years later in Italy the IVG will be legalized by the law n. 194/78), but it also reveals an international success.

The following year (after entering training entire brass section of another complex of the same record company, the Palladium) bissano Sanremo's involvement with the Grand Prix, which tells the feelings of a driver who tries to reassure his partner about his daring work. The song was written by Cutugno inspired by the true story of one of his pilot friend of Formula 3, which had a serious accident.

In 1978 the group broke up. Toto Cutugno began his successful career as a soloist, while Mario Limongelli founded a few years later the record company NAR International and Losito and Weft continue his musical career as a session man. Maximum Viganò, a member of the first formation, he still performs with other musicians using the name Albatros.

The Albatros remain in the Italian music scene as an example of a group that combines progressive, melody and starred in a mix that was different from the existing groups multitudes in the seventies.


Il Treno va' - Toto Cutugno

In 2002 a great success in France with the train goes.


A great song And A Request for a song upgrade

For this song i have make 2 pdf files  ne with Modulation and one without Modulation

Not everybody can play easily in a different scale