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Umberto AntonioTozzi (Turin, March 4, 1952) is an Italian singer-songwriter and guitarist.

With 80 million copies sold, Tozzi is among Italians artists who have sold the most records. As an author, with the song interpreted by Gloria Laura Branigan he has entered in the ranking of best sellers in Britain, reaching up to sixth.
The first musical experiences to live as the band's guitarist who accompanied his brother Frank on tour.

In 1968, at age 16, enters the Off Sound, a Turin rock band composed of young boys, with whom in 1970 he made his debut on records by singing the first verse of the song here. In Milan knows Adriano Pappalardo; with him form an ensemble of 13 elements.

In 1973 he played the electric guitar in the song of love Meeting, engraved in a 45 for the label Numero Uno by Lucio Battisti, vinyl, which is home to the B-side song Go man of the US singer Marva Jan Marrow.

In 1974, at age 22, he wrote the song together with Damiano Dattoli A body and soul, a song that, in the same year, he won Canzonissima. With the same Dattoli and Massimo Luca form the trio date, with whom he recorded for the number one album White road, very rare record because printed in few copies.

In the same period, again for the Number One continues the session activities as playing along with the Christians Euro drummer. For the record company recorded several albums, including a human being, and Infinite fortunes Oscar Prudente.

1975 sees the author of the music, always Dattoli and text by Maurizio Piccoli, a little known song by Mia Martini titled I thank you; also he works with Ivano Fossati as co-arranger for the album Good-Bye Indiana.

It is also part of the complex The Odd Company, remaining in education until 1976, participating in the event A Disco For the Summer, at the Festivalbar and an edition of the Sanremo Festival.
The meeting with the lyricist-composer-producer Giancarlo Bigazzi starts a lasting partnership full of successes.

The solo debut takes place in 1976 with the album Woman My lover, comprising nine songs, including the song I will walk, already burned by Fausto Leali and resumed a few years later by Mina, I miss him, shooting from all the Chameleons, Riccardo Sheets and Marcella Bella, and You are me, which Gigliola Cinquetti affect a cover. From this album the song is extracted Woman My lover / Thinking back to the South arrow printed on size 45s. Although the album contained these four songs, unable to sell more than 6,000 copies.

But personal success comes in 1977 when engraving I love, a song that won the Festivalbar and remains in first place in the ranking of best-selling singles in Italy without interruption from July 23 to October 22, 1977 (1,147,000 copies sold in France 8,000,000 worldwide [9]). I love you is also the title track of the album is in the air ... I love you, always in 1977, which also contains the melancholy Forget forgets; Also the album, published around the world, get a very good result.

Many music critics were ready to bet that the success of Tozzi was just a flash in the pan, however, he comes out in 1978 You, the third album by singer-songwriter from Turin, so the success of I Love You, continues. In the album there are also losing Anna and Gypsy, songs that get a great sales tally.

In 1979 he released his most famous song, Gloria, who, from 1979 to 1984 sells as many as 29 million copies around the world and now occupies first place in the charts across Europe. The single "Gloria", anticipates the release of the same name that contains Something someone and if Alleluia, two songs sung during the concerts of the same Tozzi. This album sees the collaboration with arranger Greg Mathieson.

The songs I Love You, You and Gloria will become famous throughout the world. Whether I love you Gloria "will be sung in English by Laura Branigan, who, in 1983, with the second, will reach the top spot in the singles chart Americans ..

In France I love a great success thanks to the French version sung by Dalida, while in Germany Howard Carpendale will be to make a cover.

Finally there is the production of a single of his Euro Christians drummer, released just in the summer of 1979: Love is when it's gone, it will resume in 1991 in the album Tozzi The other is us and the album superstar of 2009.


Gloria - Umberto Tozzi

Gloria is the fourth album of Umberto Tozzi.
This is the first 33 laps which Tozzi recorded with foreign musicians, mostly Americans, including the well-known arranger Greg Mathieson.

On the record, in addition to the song that gives the title track, perhaps the best known of his repertoire, is another success: Something someone.

The album is present in the ranking of the 100 most beautiful Italian discs of all time according to Rolling Stone Italy, the number 91 position.


Gente di Mare - Umberto Tozzi & Raf

Seafarers is a song of 1987, written by Raf, Giancarlo Bigazzi, Umberto Tozzi and interpreted by the same Tozzi and Raf, the latter in his first interpretation of a song in Italian.

The song was sung May 9, 1987 at Eurovision, finishing in third place.

The single remained for twenty-seven weeks during the Italian charts, reaching the second place.

The song was also used as the theme song of the homonymous drama went on air on Rai 1 from 2005 to 2007.

They were made cover: a Portuguese by Brazilian singer Fábio Jr. (Felicidade), and one in Italian by Rich and Poor in the album Allegro Italian 1992. The song is the theme song of the homonymous drama went on air on Rai 1 2005-2007.



Stella stai - Umberto Tozzi

Stella Stai  is a single of the Italian singer Umberto Tozzi, published on 45 RPM vinyl in 1980.

Both songs were written by Tozzi and Giancarlo Bigazzi, they are taken from the album Tozzi, of the same year.

During the month of July of that year, the single peaked at # 3 in the ranking of the most sold in Italy and in Switzerland


Ti Amo - Umberto Tozzi

I love you is a compilation album of the Italian singer Umberto Tozzi, published in 1987 that collects the most representative songs of his first three albums (Donna my mistress in 1976, is in the air ... I love you 1977 and you 1978).


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