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Tony Del Monaco, born Antonio Del Monaco (Sulmona, 27 December 1935 - Ancona, 27 May 1993), was an Italian singer.

With a very powerful melodic voice, during the period of university studies he began to sing in Rome in a nightclub, where he was noticed by the record producer Enrico Polito. In 1959 he made his debut at the Italian Song Festival of Vibo Valentia, ranking third with the song "Al ciel miss an angel". After several years of performing as a singer, in 1961 he made his debut as an actor in the musical comedy "L'adorabile Giulio", with Carlo Dapporto and Delia Scala. In 1965 he presented the song "My Life" to the TV show "Campioni a Campione", which immediately entered the classification. The year after he hits a new success with Se la vita si so participating in "Un disco per l'estate" and at Cantagiro.

As author he writes several successful songs, among which the most famous is The Last Chance, interpreted in 1965 by Mina and filmed in English by Tom Jones.

Take part in four editions of Un disco for the summer (from 1964 to 1967), singing respectively The king of the ring, You will not be able to, If life is like that and You are the love. In 1967 he participated in the Sanremo Festival with Is stronger than me paired with Betty Curtis, followed by a new high-ranking song like A thorn and a rose.

Back in Sanremo again in 1968 with La voce del silenzio together with Dionne Warwick [2], in 1969 with Una ora fa together with Fausto Leali and in 1970 playing Serenata with Claudio Villa. He participates in the Canzonissima editions of 1970, 1971 and 1972. Subsequently he reduces the activity of singer to devote himself more to the activity of author and resumes and completes also the university studies, obtaining the degree in law.

In 1962 he played the song Lungo treno del sud [3], written by Piero Ciampi


La Voce del Silenzio - Tony del Monaco

Back in Sanremo again in 1968 with La voce del silenzio together with Dionne Warwick [2], in 1969