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Emilio Umberto Bindi (Bogliasco, May 12, 1932 - Rome, May 23, 2002) was an Italian singer and pianist.

Exponent of the great school of the Genoese singer-songwriters, between the fifties and the sixties has received critical acclaim and public favor with songs like Goodbye (1959) Our concert (1960), Do not tell me who you are (1961) and the music is over (1967). In addition to having made up for some great interpreters of the Italian scene, with her music has arrived abroad (My world, 1964 was picked up by Cilla Black, Richard Anthony, Dionne Warwick and Tom Jones).

Born in Bogliasco (GE) May 12, 1932, with Bruno Lightman, Gino Paoli, Fabrizio De André and Luigi Tenco is one of the greatest exponents of the so-called Genoese school of singer-songwriters, a group of artists who deeply renewed the Italian pop music. Bindi in particular is better prepared musically, and his propensity for an elegant melody and lush arrangements bring him close to the singers of classical music. His best compositions have the lyrics of a fellow citizen, the lyricist Giorgio Calabrese.

With him creates Goodbye (1959) (participating Canzonissima took second place), to Our concert (1960), which puts to good use his studies in long instrumental introduction more than 70 seconds and reaching the first position in the charts for 10 weeks, in Legends of the sea, full of Ligurian sea, and tell me who you are not (the Sanremo Festival in 1961). With his friend Gino Paoli writes My world, and a Memory of Love and Love is like a child. Franco Califano and Nisa wrote The music is over (1967) for Ornella Vanoni, and then to live (1968) for Mortal Coil.


Il mio mondo  - Umberto Bindi

You're my world - Cilla Black

Cilla Black, stage name of Priscilla Maria Veronica White (Liverpool, 27 May 1943 - Marbella, 1 August 2015), was a singer, actress and British television presenter, known in the sixties for its proximity to the musical group The Beatles and Merseysound, the music genre born in the British city by the River Mersey.

Along with Dusty Springfield is considered one of the greatest artists of the so-called British Pop. It is also a television personality and has appeared as an actress in the seventies in different situation comedy.

My world, translated into English by Carl Sigman with the title You're my world and sung by performers such as Cilla Black, Daryl Braithwaite, Guys'n'Doll and Helen Reddy, reaches the top spot in the singles charts in Australia (two times), Belgium, Mexico, Netherlands, South Africa and United Kingdom. In the French and Spanish versions, both sung by Richard Anthony, My world also reached the top spot in France and Spain. But despite the international recognition, over time, more and Bindi is more difficult in the music, partly because of the low demand of composers with his refined touch, but especially because of discrimination due to his homosexuality.